Who am I?

That’s a big question. Much too big and philosophical to go into here. I’ll keep it simple: I’m Onnica and I love, love love romance! I don’t know about you, but life can be a little, ooh, I don’t know – overwhelming, stressful, depressing these days? Realism blows at times and relationships can get a bit samey, so having a steady stream of romance to count on to make me smile or swoon, really helps.

The aim of this site is to (hopefully) entertain you and help you make a decision on whether to make that purchase or not. Although – you’re your own person and I’m sure you won’t just take my word for it. I always appreciate a little feedback. Loved a book I hated on? Tell me! Let’s chat about it!

meMore about Onni:

I’m across the pond in Manchester, England. It rains and rains, then rains some more here so it’s no wonder that I like to escape into romantic fiction – the more exotic the location the better!

I’ve loved romantic fiction since I found my Mum’s copy of Shirley Conran’s Lace, but it always seemed a guilty pleasure. Like I should be reading something ‘worthy’. I have to admit since the invention of e-readers the embarrassment factor has completely disappeared and I embrace the good, the bad and the downright terrible!

Favourite authors? I’d have to say Charlotte Stein; (of course – she’s amazing) Tiffany Reisz for creating smart stories, often with complex dilemmas; and for pure nostalgia, Shirley Conran and Judy Blume. They WERE the ‘80s as far as I’m concerned and every so often I like to re-visit my childhood and read Lace or Wifey.

But enough about the past. If I couldn’t read I’d probably wither and die – it’s my passion – and there are some amazing authors out there to discover. I’m always looking for good recommendations, so don’t be shy – let’s hear your recommendations!

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