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Author interview – Tracey Livesay’s Love Will Always Remember

Today sees the release of Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay, and I’m really excited about it as I’ve loved the series so far. (See reviews for Love on my Mind and Along Came Love.)


So, to celebrate this new release, I tracked down Ms Livesay to ask her a few questions…and she kindly answered!

Me: What made you start writing?

TLI’ve always written stories and like many romance writers, once I found romance books, I eventually tried to write my own. I still have that first story (I was 11 yrs old) and I take it out every now and then to read it… and I laugh! It’s so bad!! But that urge to write never went away. Over the years, I became an attorney, entered the work force, got married, had kids, decided to stay home with those kids… and during my infrequent quiet moments, I’d revisit the idea of writing, but I never followed through. By the time my youngest started kindergarten, I was ready. Instead of going back into the law, I followed my heart and I’ve never regretted that decision! 
Me: Your books are often categorised as  ‘interracial’ rather than simply contemporary romance – how do you feel about that? Are you ok with it or is it a bit reductive for authors?
TL: This question is so timely because I recently made the decision to drop the ‘interracial’ from my description, but not because I’m ashamed of it or am running away from it. In the beginning, I wanted to emphasize that aspect of my stories because major publishers were shying away them and I knew there was an audience for it. Hello! It was me. It was my life! But now it feels like that descriptor has turned into a genre. It’s not a genre; it’s one keyword to describe my stories. Whether or not an author chooses to describe their work as ‘interracial’ or ‘multicultural’ is a personal decision and I’m not passing judgement on it. Far from it. But I write contemporary romances where the heroes and heroines are different races. Their being different races is not the main concept or theme of my stories. 
Me: Any nuggets you’d like to share about the characters in Love Will Always Remember – inspiration, what you like most about them etc?
TL: It’s interesting to write a series, especially when you introduce characters in earlier books. I had to have an idea about Jonathan’s character when I wrote the first book, LOVE ON MY MIND. I knew I had to make him fun and easygoing because Adam and Mike are both so intense. There had to be someone in the group to balance them out or they’d be too broody. And I wasn’t interested in writing a book where all the men sat around seeing who could out-brood one another. LOL I had the idea about what Jonathan’s story would be while I was writing the second book, ALONG CAME LOVE. That’s why I introduced Leighton in that book, but only in one scene. Of course, that didn’t leave me much wiggle room when it came to this book, especially because there was something I really wanted to happen. (I have to be cryptic because it’s a surprise.) 
I love Jonathan and Leighton together. I like that they are both alphas, but in their own spheres. I’ve always wanted to write about a chef. I watch The Food Network and Top Chef and good-looking men who can cook are my kryptonite! Leighton is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s kicking ass & taking names and I wish I could be that bold and in charge!
Me: What, if anything can you tell us about your new projects once the Shades of Love series is complete?
TL: I’m currently writing the third book in my “IN LOVE WITH A TYCOON” series with Entangled Publishing.  I’m also prepping a book that would start another new series, but I can’t talk about that yet. 🙂
Me: Where do you look for your inspiration for your heroes and heroines who are always gorgeous, intelligent and complex?
TL: Thank you! LOL Hmm… Well, I work on my characters quite a bit in the beginning. I like to write character arcs, which means my characters have to start in one place and end in a totally different and better place. So its important to me to figure out the personal journeys the characters will go on, in addition to the love story. 
Physically, I cast my books before I write. I’ll “cruise” Google images and Pinterest to find people who match the description I have in my head. Once I have my couple, I’m able to start writing.
Thanks so much to Tracey for the interview during what must have been a busy promotional period. Love Will Always Remember is available from most retailers now.


About the author

Author Tracey Livesay-hiresA former criminal defense attorney, Tracey finds crafting believable happily ever afters slightly more challenging than protecting our constitutional rights, but she’s never regretted following her heart instead of her law degree. She writes sexy and emotional contemporary interracial romances where strong, successful heroines find love with powerful, passionate heroes. She lives in Virginia with her husband—who she met on the very first day of law school–and their three children. She runs marathons and loves purses and TV (the shows on them, not the actual appliance). If you want to chat with her about them you can find her on social media.

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Along Came Love by Tracey Livesay

IMG_3612Book: Along Came Love

Series: Shades of Love #2

Author: Tracey Livesay

Release date: 25 October 2016

Main characters: India Shaw, free spirit who’s landed in some big trouble. Michael Black, a mutual friend and the one to bail her out.


When a silly, impulsive decision lands free-spirited India Shaw behind bars in San Francisco, she has no choice but to call the only person she knows in the unfamiliar city—the very man she abandoned after a steamy two-day fling. The fact that she’s pregnant with his child is something she’d rather not divulge.
Tech executive Michael Black never thought he’d hear from the quirky beauty after she left his bed four months ago, much less be called upon to post bail. He’s got his hands full with a corporate merger that could make or break his career, but his honorable nature—and an overwhelming need to see her again—means he can’t just leave her in jail. And when India reveals the truth about her pregnancy, Mike insists she stay with him until the baby is born.

India doesn’t want to depend on him for anything, but their constant proximity stirs up feelings she can’t ignore. She’s never desired a family before and she knows a future with Mike isn’t possible . . . but then along came love to shake up all her plans.

Why you should read it: I think Tracey is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I read Love On My Mind and adored it, and to have more books in the series to delve into is even better! I liked India for her free spirit and felt bad for her when it became clear why she was so reluctant to stick in one place for too long, never outstaying her welcome. She’s very much alone in the world and her self-reliance is admirable but extremely lonely. Mike was a good hero – he was very focused and decisive. He didn’t swerve once in his emotions and that made him attractive but also created a delicious amount of conflict between he and India. Their chemistry is off-the-charts hot!

What you may not like: I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the pace was near perfect. There was no repetitive dialogue or shoehorned angst for the sake of it.

Rating: 4/5 for an engaging and romantic story that was hot as all get out!

Love on my Mind by Tracey Livesay

29960337Book: Love on my Mind

Author: Tracey Livesay

Series: Shades of Love #1

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Main characters: Chelsea Grant, successful PR guru about to be given the assignment to end all assignments. Adam Bennett, surly Tech CEO in need of help to turn around his public image.

Plot: Chelsea Grant has worked hard all her life and is finally about to get the recognition she deserves. Or so she thinks. It seems that in order for her to be made partner in her firm, she needs to jump through one more hoop. A hoop in the shape of Adam Bennett – media-hostile tech genius. If she can get him presentation ready, and playing nice with intrusive and banal media questions, all her dreams will be made a reality. The clincher: she has to do this without him knowing that his own company hired her. Piece of cake right?

Adam is focused, confident and knows that his product will change modern computing forever. So why does he have to answer gossip magazine questions about himself – it’s absurd and he’d rather not reward idiocy. But…he also knows how others perceive him, so when he meets Chelsea unexpectedly, he enlists her help. It soon becomes obvious that she doesn’t annoy him as many other people do. In fact, he finds himself having trouble focusing on the task at hand. Perhaps they can mix business with pleasure after all…

Why you should read it: It’s not that often that you get a combination of sexy and intelligent characters in a book. That may be harsh, but I’ve read enough books in the genre to know when one truly stands out from the others. Chelsea and Adam were great characters – both complex and fiercely intelligent. Chelsea has the mother of all dilemmas and you can see how it will all blow up in her face, but there’s nothing she can do! Adam was great too. He’s exacting and precise and once we delve into his story it becomes clear why he’s as structured as he is. I truly enjoyed this story and the heat the pair generated was INSANE!

What you may not like: I can’t think of anything – usually I prefer standalone books rather than series, but as there were plenty of interesting peripheral characters, I’ll be happy to delve into them too!

Rating: 4/5 for a truly enjoyable read.