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Tight by Alessandra Torre

tightBook: Tight

Author: Alessandra Torre

Review by: Onnica

Format: Kindle


Basic story: Riley Johnson has a comfortable life in Quincy, a tight-knit town in the south. Her life may be predictable, but all that’s set to change on a bachelorette weekend away. When she meets Brett Jacobs, she is hobbling around in a pair of purgatorial stilettos. When he appears, complete with a pair of comfy slippers for her to wear, she is blown away by his confidence and smooth persona.

Immediately drawn to this stranger, she knows she needs to proceed with caution. That’s easier said than done though – he looks at her as if she hung the moon and she knows deep down that he could really be trouble – the good and bad kind.

With some fairy tales however, there come nightmares. Brett isn’t all he seems to be and the doubts planted in Riley’s mind by his disappearances and secrets lead Riley to investigate for herself before she gets in deeper. Will they both make it out the other side?

Why you should read this: This is another well-woven story by Alessandra Torre  – one that she re-wrote 3 times! That is dedication and it shows in the storytelling. The book made me smile, made me well up and had me on the edge of my seat. It’s a story about strength and does deal with some sensitive issues, but they are in no way gratuitous. I loved Riley’s strength and Brett’s developing relationship with her. I read it in one sitting, so that should tell you how riveted I was by the story. Their chemistry was palpable – so hot and so sexy. Now that I know how it ends, I may go back and read it slowly this time.

What you might hate: Well, I didn’t hate anything about the story, but you may feel that Riley put herself unnecessarily in harm’s way. True, but had she not, there wouldn’t have been much of a story! The story was well-crafted, exciting and sexy and I was knocked out by it. Loved every minute.

Rating: 4/5 for a seriously good read. Well done Ms Torre!