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Pretty Face by Lucy Parker

Pretty FaceBook: Pretty Face

Author: Lucy Parker

Series: London Celebrities #2

Release date: 20 February, 2017

Main characters: Lily Lamprey, tv actress and victim of severe typecasting; Luc Savage, theatre director and all-round tyrant.

Plot: Lily Lamprey has spent the last few years working on the soap opera, Knightsbridge. The character she plays has done nothing for her public image and she’s viewed as nothing more than a pretty face with not much between her ears. She’s dying to break into the theatre, and her best shot is the historical play, 1553.

Luc Savage is a well-respected theatre director and knows that this new play could cement his theatre’s success. He’s none too thrilled when the board pushes for an untalented tv star with a terrible voice to be his new Elizabeth I. He gets the shock of his life when he finds out she can actually act!

She’s rough around the edges, but with some vocal work and intense study, she could prove to be quite special. The fact that she makes Luc feel things – non-director things, is just something he’ll learn to ignore. Both have a lot at stake and neither is prepared to jeopardise it all for a fling. Famous last words…

Lily picked up one of Jocasta’s abandoned books and glanced at the title. “The ID: A Personal Account of the Rise and Fall of a Dictator.” She flipped it open. “I had no idea you’d written an autobiography. That’s impressive, writing a whole book, with your work schedule.” Luc plucked the book out of her hands. “I suppose you think you’re funny.”

Why you should read it: I read this book on the off chance. It was sent to me with a bunch of others and something about the blurb intrigued me. I loved the humour and setting of the book. The dialogue was strong and so witty – it was really a delight to read these characters’ exchanges. Luc was a self-assured, in charge kind of man. Rooted in realism and prone to sarcasm – which I love. Lily was bright, equally acerbic when she wanted to be and a very chilled out heroine, that you don’t often read. I loved every bit of this book and the peripheral characters too.

“I’m sorry for what was repeated to you after that casting meeting. I’m sorry that I said it in the first place. I’m very sorry that it’s such an everyday occurrence to you that you barely blink an eye when a couple of little fuckers make totally inappropriate comments almost to your face. I wholeheartedly apologise for being a prejudiced, sexist dick.” She was too taken aback to respond for a moment; then, slowly, she smiled. “It’s all right,” she whispered. “You wouldn’t believe the things I said about you behind your back.”

What you may not like: This book isn’t insta-love. It’s quite long also – so if you’re not captivated from the start like I was, you may not enjoy it. I loved it so I really can’t think of any negatives.

Rating: 5/5 for a superb read. If you like this, you may want to check out Act Like It which was the first book in this theatre series.