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The Allure of Julian Lefray by R. S. Grey

The Allure book cover

Book: The Allure of Julian LeFray

Series: The Allure #1

Author: R.S. Grey

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Josephine Keller has recently moved to New York from Podunk Texas. A fashion blogger on the rise, she needs to find  a job quickly in order to a) not starve to death and b) not default on her student loans. Her protective parents already think she’s made a huge mistake in leaving, so she’s determined to prove them wrong. When she scores an invitation to the illustrious New York fashion gala, she’s terrified but resolved to make some contacts and find herself a job.

Despite a rocky start to the evening, Jo is stunned when she receives a job offer as personal assistant at Lorena Lefray designs. The only problem? Lorena’s stuck in rehab, so she has to work closely with Lorena’s brother Julian. He’s tall, successful, refined and fun and everything Jo could ever want. However, with her future stability hanging in the balance, she’ll be damned if she acts on the attraction. Even if it appears to be mutual.

The pair strike up a friendly and productive rapport that soon turns to flirtation and desire. Will Jo be able to keep the professionalism her top priority? Or will the chance at true happiness trump all?

Why you should read it: What a fun book! I received this as a recommendation from  an author friend and it was spot on! It was exactly what I wanted to read at the end of a tiring and tough work week. Jo was super-fun and witty and the way she faced her issues with style and humour was refreshing. She didn’t over-share and certainly didn’t expect Julian to sort out her problems for her. I loved her. Julian was a sweet hero – not an alpha, not a controlling character. Just a fun-loving guy who is completely bowled over by Jo and doesn’t know what to do about it.

 What you might hate: I don’t think there was anything to hate about this – it was the right blend of humour, romance and even the grand gesture at the end wasn’t over-egged. I loved it!

Rating: easy – 5/5 for a fun read (I feel like I’ve used the word ‘fun waaaay too much). I’m off to read The Allure of Dean Harper (book 2) right now!