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Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield

img_0105Book: Open Hearts

Series: sequel to Locked Box

Author: Eve Dangerfield

Release date: 25 April 2017

Main characters: Ashley Bennett, nurse who has had enough of dating losers, Dean Sherwood, lovable, dopey and absolutely smitten with Ashley.

Plot: Ashley has had it with losers. She’s 29 and desperate to become a mum. If the right guy is nowhere on the horizon, then sobeit – she’ll go for a donor. Not exactly how she imagined starting a family, but needs must.

She’s been completely disillusioned with men in the past, but when she meets Dean Sherwood, a mutual friend, she feels a strong attraction to him. This is strange as she hasn’t felt anything for the male of the species (except disdain) for quite some time. He’s beautiful, from the tip of his auburn roots, down to his toes. He’s also quite dim. Something Ashley is willing to overlook for a little fling. He’s not father material, but a little bit of fun won’t hurt, will it?

Why you should read it: I really like it when books take me by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect when I began it, as I haven’t read anything by the author before. The writing is good – the dialogue is sharp-witted, funny and brash. I loved the Aussie humour and could totally hear the accents and expressions, which made the characters leap off the page. I loved Dean – he got quite a raw deal in the book. I really don’t understand people’s aversion to redheads and think it’s out of hand personally. He’s sexy as hell, kindhearted and completely ditzy. He even had a bit of a submissive vibe, which really grabbed my attention. He was single-minded when it came to Ashley and I’m glad their story ended how it did.

What you may not like: The story is racy. Very racy. It’s delightfully crude in places and unapologetically so. The characters talk to each other realistically and it may either make you laugh or wrinkle your nose in disgust. At times, Ashley and her sister Jules did annoy me. Their ‘us-against-them’ mentality was exasperating at times, but made sense given their upbringing. I felt like they held each other back in some ways – but all’s well that ends well. I really dislike the use of the word ‘spaz’ too – surely we should be beyond that kind of language in this day and age? (Since writing, the author reached out to me and removed the word – which I didn’t expect but thought was awesome actually.)

Rating: 4/5 for an entertaining, sexy and very sweet story. I liked the characters and they had depth. Will definitely be reading more from Eve Dangerfield in the future. There were some great lines such as:

How could a man who seriously thought sugar came from the ocean, have given her the best sex of her life? Because that’s what it had been?