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BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Tell Me Everything by Amy Hatvany

Book: Tell Me Everything

Author: Amy Hatvany

Series: a standalone

Release date: 5 November 2019

Main characters: Jessica and Jake Snyder, a happily married couple, exploring their sexual boundaries.

Plot: Jessica Snyder has a great life. She’s found a lasting love in her second marriage, she has great kids and even manages a somewhat cordial relationship with her ex-husband and his new family. Her business is booming and she couldn’t ask for more.

When she and her husband Jake decide to explore inviting a third party into their sex lives, there’s way more excitement than trepidation. Their honesty with each other has created a rock-solid foundation that nothing can possibly shake. Or can it?

When a stupid lie of omission leads to more lies, Jessica and Jake’s relationship threatens to crumble to rubble, when a vengeful acquaintance sets out to ruin Jessica’s life. Will the pair be able to find their way back to each other, or will the fallout destroy the whole family?

Why you should read it: This was an intriguing and thought-provoking story. It was obviously sexy as hell – the scenarios between Jessica and Jake, for one, but also the scenes between Jessica and the other men were off the charts hot. I enjoyed the lack of shame in the story. The author has a fervent stance against shaming women for liking sex and owning their sexuality and it is a powerful message. I liked the main characters and their openness to self-acceptance.

What you may not like: There’s not a whole lot I disliked about this book. The plot was solid, the characters were interesting, but I’ll admit to wanting to wring Jessica’s neck for her decision to withold certain bits of information from Jake. It was quite out of character for her, and it was so clear that it was going to blow up in her face!

Rating: 4/5 for a very thoughtful look at marriage, relationships and all the elements that shape us. I liked the book’s message and would love to read more from this author.

The Ground Rules Rewritten by Roya Carmen


It’s day one of Roya Carmen’s blog tour and we’re stoked to be part of it! The Ground Rules Rewritten is out tomorrow and we have not only a review, but a sneak peek for your delectation!


Just Plain Dirty – Mirella and Gabe 
He catches me staring and shoots me a playful smile. He knows exactly what I’m thinking. I walk over to the bedroom door and lock it – which is basically code for ‘let’s fuck…very quietly’.
He turns off the TV and slides to the edge of the bed, pulling me to him. “Tell me you didn’t fuck him.”
“I didn’t. I wouldn’t do that to you.”
He slides a hand under my tweed skirt. “But you wanted to. You wanted him.”
I grab his face and stare into his beautiful eyes. Words escape me.
He toys with my panties and presses his fingers against the cotton. I close my eyes. I’m already so aroused, and he’s barely touched me.
He teases. His stare is intense as he studies me intently – as if he’s trying to break through, to read my thoughts. He pulls at my panties, not taking his gaze off my face. I anticipate his next move. I want him so badly.
“Take them off,” I practically beg.
His smile is playful when he obliges. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine as he slides the cotton briefs slowly down my legs and over my feet. He kisses my knee, a soft peck.
His warm hand travels up the inside of my thigh. My breath catches when he reaches my sweet spot. He glides his fingers against my sex and I whimper at the sensation. His touch is so amazing.
His eyes close. A whisper of a growl escapes his mouth. “You’re so fucking wet, you dirty girl.”


Review **Contains spoilers if you’ve not read book 1**

IMG_0047Book: The Ground Rules Re-written

Series: The Ground Rules trilogy, #2

Author: Roya Carmen

Review by: Onnica

Release date: October 20th

Basic story: After the disastrous break up between the Keates and the Hansons, Mirella has been piecing her life back together, slowly. She’s functioning once more and only thinks of Weston every other minute of the day. When he tries to re-establish contact however, she’s angry, confused, but tempted as hell.

He pursues her with the intensity only he is capable of and once Gabe reveals that he wouldn’t mind reviving their arrangement, Mirella soon finds it impossible to resist. One thing is for sure though – it’ll be on her terms this time.

Weston realises he can’t be without Mirella, but doesn’t want to upset the the status quo. Instead, he resolves they’ll stick to their rules and keep their feelings between themselves. He’ll soon learn that feelings can’t always be contained…

Why you should read it: Holy crap, this was a great sequel to The Ground Rules! Every word, every glance was loaded with heat and angst and I loved every second of it. Despite all of Mirella’s better instincts, she’s fallen under Weston’s spell once again. And it’s getting COMPLICATED! I loved the dynamic between her  with her husband Gabe and also with Weston. We get to know even more about all of the characters in this book. What makes them tick, their vulnerabilities too. I cannot rave about this book enough – I started re-reading it after finishing it!

What you might hate: Hell if I know – you may not like the route the story is going down – there are some questionable decisions made and some major ‘bending’ of the rules, but for me it just made the story more complex and more exciting. I usually hate drama, this story has plenty but it’s so well written and believable that I wanted more! I also usually dislike trilogies, but I’m so glad this saga won’t end just yet. I care about all of the characters and I honestly have no idea how it’s going to go down.

Rating: 5/5 – another stunning read by Roya Carmen. I cannot wait for the finish. Hopefully it’ll be this year that I’ll get closure on this story.

The Ground Rules Re-written is out October 20th.

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