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Our Top Three Picks for Holiday Reading!

Yes, that season is upon us yet again and I can hardly believe it. It’s cold outside, fairy lights are just about everywhere and love is all around. Whether you love or hate the Holidays, we thought we’d check out some of the best seasonal reads on offer.

First up is Naughty and Nice – 3 Holiday Treats:

The holy trinity of awesome authors – Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe and Stefanie Sloane all naughtyandniceappearing in the same collection? These three stories could not be more different – they’re all equally heartwarming, panty-melting and full of seasonal cheer. My favourite would have to be Ruthie Knox’s Room at The Inn – the tale of Carson and Julie, college sweethearts who, despite breaking up years before, can’t seem to move on from each other. Then there’s Molly O’Keefe’s All I Want For Christmas is You, a tale of a very young couple going for what they want despite the odds and plunging into marriage. Or if you fancy love in 19th Century England, try One Perfect Christmas, a story about two childhood friends who can’t seem to get their acts together and tell each other how they feel.

Second is a collection of holiday reads with a difference. Loveheating up the holidays romance, minus the schmaltz and toothache? Me too! Heating Up the Holidays is a collection of three very different tales set around Thanksgiving and Christmastime. Lisa Renee Jones, Serena Bell and Mary Ann Rivers are all exceptional writers. Where else would you find an alpha CEO, a night-blind biologist and a couple reconnecting after a quick meeting on New Year’s Eve together in one place?

Lastly, but by no means least, is my favourite as it’s a sequel to New Life by Bonnie Dee – New Yeara book that I reviewed way back in January. New Year¬†picks up a few months down the line for Jason and Anna. Their relationship is going from strength to strength and things could not be going better. It’s the holidays and the pair decide to spend the run up to Christmas with Anna’s family. Tensions are high, as Anna’s family are a clan of over-achievers who clearly value ambition and direction in life. Anna worries that Jason will struggle in the stuffy environment and is not looking forward to the scruting he’ll be subjected to. Jason is happy to go with the flow – as long as he and Anna are together he can put up with the jabs and fake smiles for a few days. Thinking he should make a grand gesture, Jason wonders whether Christmas would be the best time to propose to Anna. Only one way to find out…

Why you should read this: I love Anna and Jason as a couple – they’ve overcome so much over the course of their relationship. Jason had a very bad car accident that left him with memory issues and he’s unable to deal with certain situations well, but together they find ways to deal with it. This was a lovely novella, bringing another slice of the pair and gives the reader a chance to see whether they’ll survive as a couple.

Rating: Easy decision – 4/5 for a short, snappy and very sexy revisiting of a great couple. If you haven’t read New Life, then you must – just to see where and how it all began.

New Year is out now.

Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe

wildchildBook: Wild Child

Author: Molly O’Keefe

Series: Boys Of Bishop #1

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Monica Appleby has been there and done it all. She’s a veteran even though she’s not yet out of her twenties. She’s returned to Bishop Arkansas in order to write a book about her childhood, and in particular, the night her mother shot her father dead. Returning home to the scene of her unhappy childhood is more difficult than she thought it would be, but with her editor breathing down her neck for chapters, she needs to speak to people in town that remember what happened that night.

Jackson Davies is the young mayor of the town and hates his job and the weight of his responsibility. He’s been looking after his teenage sister since she was little and their parents died. Unable to communicate with the sullen teen, he throws himself into saving the town’s dwindling resources. The town is nearing bankruptcy, so when he enters a competition to convince a factory owner to move his operations to Bishop, he’s dedicated to seeing it through and bringing life back to the place. Nothing is going to stand in the way of securing the town’s future, as it’s his way out of the place. Former ‘wild child’ Monica Appleby will not derail his plans to present Bishop as a town with potential. Even if she has a body for sin and her purple-eyed stare calls to him – so what. She spells trouble and her past baggage has the potential to jeopardise his PR campaign.

Why you should read this: I think I fell in love with the town first, then the characters. I could imagine how Bishop looked and smelled so vividly. The characters were real – no exaggerations, no stereotypes. I loved them all. The heat between Jackson and Monica was palpable – their similarities and their cluelessness was so endearing. You’ll really root for them both. There were interesting insights into other characters in the town too – so I’m guessing that we’ll find out more about them in the future. I hope that Shelby gets her own happy ever after.

What you might hate: I honestly don’t see what you would hate about this story. The author didn’t wrap all areas up with a satin bow, and I for one was relieved as there are a lot of deeply hidden grief and heartbreak, which would take a lot of time to resolve. It was a hopeful, realistic read that warmed my heart.

Rating: Easy. 4/5 for an impressive, heartwarming and sexy tale about lost souls finding each other, forgiveness and moving on are also important themes, well thought out. I would love to read more about the inhabitants of Bishop, Arkansas.

Wild Child is out now.