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Blog tour: Laws of Physics: Motion by Penny Reid

Book: Laws of Physics: Motion

Series: Hypothesis trilogies #2

Author: Penny Reid

Release date: 12 February 2019

Plot: Mona is a genius. And a good person. She’s straightforward and low on the drama scale. She’s also a twin. Her twin sister Lisa couldn’t be more different. Dubbed ‘a wild child’ by the press, Lisa is in a sticky situation and begs Mona to cover for her until she’s able to extricate herself from the rather large hole she’s dug for herself. Not being a master of subterfuge, Mona tries to think it out logically. Tell as few lies as possible, barely speak and keep herself to herself. Elementary.
She doesn’t bargain on Abram however. He perplexes her completely. He’s intelligent yet a bit of a slacker, her opposite in many ways. Yet he sees her, and seems to appreciate who she is and how she thinks. Which can only make a bad situation dire…

Why you should read it: Penny Reid releases a book, I must read it. Simple as that. I loved the Elements of Chemistry series, so the next set of trilogies has me super excited. Mona is adorable and her family dynamics had me eager for more info. What has her sister done and why have they grown apart? What’s Abram going to say when he realises what’s been going??? So.Many.Questions. And then the wolves came.

What you may not like: Not much in my opinion – it was well written, it includes appearances of some much-loved characters from Knitting in the City series. Yes this ends on a cliffhanger – but I knew this going in. You may prefer to wait for all 3 books to release. Not a bad idea if you hate waiting months for resolution to your characters’ problems!

Rating: 5/5 for a very promising start to what is set to be a story full of misunderstandings and angst. Knowing Penny Reid though, there’s bound to be lots of hilarity along the way!

Nowhere but Here by Renée Carlino

nowherebuthereBook: Nowhere but Here

Author: Renée Carlino

Publisher: Atria Books

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Kate Corbin is struggling under the weight of grief and finding her place in the world. She’s a reporter at a popular Chicago newspaper but according to her Editor, she’s lost her spark. With no family and few friends to speak of, she’s haunted by the idea that she’s all she has.

When her Editor hands her an assignment to interview the reclusive and enigmatic R.J. Lawson, she’s unconvinced she’ll be the one to draw him out. Fiercely private and media-shy, R.J. Lawson has granted a rare opportunity in allowing her onto the grounds of his winery.

After a disastrous journey to the vineyard, Kate meets Jamie, one of the winery’s staff who seems to do a bit of everything. They hit it off immediately, and when it becomes clear that R. J won’t be answering any of her questions, they spend more and more time together. Will Kate be able to find her spark again? Is she all she has? For the first time in her life, she is made to reevaluate her initial assessment…

Why you should read this: I was drawn to this story – not sure why, but I know that I like Renée’s writing style. I’d enjoyed Sweet Thing (all except for the heroine) so I knew that there’d be a strong story there. I really liked Kate – she’s depressed sure, but the way she phrases things and behaves made me smile. She was fun and the peripheral characters were well-developed too. I felt as though I knew these people. Jamie for me was a sweet, sexy and enigmatic character. I enjoyed the fun that he and Kate had together. For me it was the right balance of sexy and sweet. You’ll have to make up your own mind.

What you might hate: I hate schmaltz and sickly sweet stories. For me, the story was perhaps a little too neatly wrapped up at the end and I can see why some found it super-sweet, but I still loved it! Trust me, I’m not one of those people who cries at book trailers or wells up at the thought of her favourite book boyfriend. I just loved the underlying message in the book: you may feel that it’s safer to be alone, but it’ll suck. Big time!

Rating: I’m giving this a 5/5 which is rare for me I know. Perhaps if I’d been in a bad mood while reading it I would have felt differently? Who knows? It made me happy, made me smile and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nowhere but Here is out now.