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New Life by Bonnie Dee

New LifeBook: New Life

Author: Bonnie Dee

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Story: Jason is a janitor. He wasn’t supposed to be a janitor, he was supposed to be in college, but a stupid decision to drive after a party one night and his life changed forever, beyond recognition. No longer able to handle complicated tasks, Jason’s life consists of a series of lists and routines that he does not deviate from.
After a bad day in court, newly-qualified lawyer Anna tries to console herself in the stairwell of her office. Jason overhears her crying and unable to ignore it, he goes to look for the source of the noise.
Jason isn’t a huge talker; not since the accident. He is surprised to find that he and Anna are able to talk to one another and that she is able to see beyond the janitorial uniform. His comforting words to Anna manage to cheer her up and from this one meeting, an unconventional relationship begins.
Drawn to each other by a strong and mutual attraction, Anna and Jason feel their way through the obstacles standing in their way. Anna’s a successful lawyer whereas Jason can only comfortably carry out menial work. Can their relationship withstand Jason’s problems and scrutiny from the outside world?

Why you should read this: Bonnie Dee has a gift for storytelling and always presents complex and flawed characters from a fresh perspective. She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and handles the topic of mental disability with sensitivity. From the first page I was drawn in and wanted to know what would happen to these main characters.

What you might hate: I really don’t think there’s anything about this book to hate, however, Jason does make some downright stupid decisions, which have more to do with being male rather than due to his personal circumstances. (Also, if I’m honest, I’m not too sure about the cover – but what’s written beneath it is great.)

Rating: I give this a 4/5 – I have huge respect for the author and in some parts of the book, my heart broke for Jason. Read it!