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Blog Tour – Ready to Run by Lauren Layne


Calling all Lauren Layne fans! She’s back with yet another new exciting series – I don’t know how she does it! The I do, I don’t series starts with Ready to Run and you’re going to love it!

Ready+to+runBook: Ready to Run

Series: I do, I don’t #1

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 22 August 2017

Main characters: Jordan Carpenter,  TV producer hoping to convince Luke Elliott to contribute to her firm’s new project. Luke Elliott, bachelor (not by choice) who seems to have an unfortunate habit of leaving his bride at the altar.

Plot: Jordan Carpenter lives a fabulous NY life. She’s successful and has a good head for her business: showbusiness. She’s trying to land the perfect guy to star in the upcoming reality show of the season, Jilted. She thinks she’s found the perfect candidate: one Luke Elliott. Something about his story intrigues the heck out of her. He’s backed out of not one wedding, but three in recent years, and somehow the town seems to still adore him. She wants her man and won’t take no for an answer…

Luke Elliott, local fireman and all-round good guy keeps his cards close to his chest. That’s why when Jordan crosses his path, he has no interest in being part of her crazy plan. His private life is his and he has no intention of becoming public property. He’s rude and surly to her, but Jordan has thicker skin that he gave her credit for. Nothing he does seems to deter her. She may well succeed in wearing him down, and the whole town of Lucky Hollow seems to love her too. Will Luke?

Why you should read it: This book was so good! It had banter, it had substance and was a real page turner. The chemistry between Jordan and Luke was undeniable and it built steadily. I loved how Jordan got under Luke’s skin. She’s sunny but not a walkover – and she’s the perfect balance to Luke’s acerbic tendencies. I could feel Lauren Layne’s enthusiasm for this new series – it’s inspired and I’m really excited to be meeting some new characters in a completely different setting.

What you may not like: Luke takes grouch to a whole new level. He’s so keen to protect himself that he really treats Jordan badly at times. She can take care of herself, but there really are some oh-no-he-didn’t-say-that moments that made me gape.

Rating: 4/5 for an exciting start to a new series, which is imaginative and has all the hallmarks of a Lauren Layne book that you’ll love!

Ready to Run is out today!

I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne

RomanceBook: I Knew You Were Trouble

Series: Oxford #4

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 13 June 2017

Main characters: Taylor Carr, new recruit to Oxford magazine, Nick Ballantine, freelancer and general thorn in Taylor’s side.

Plot: Taylor has found her dream job. She can’t quite believe her luck and the office seems to be packed to the rafters with gorgeous men. She’s keen to make a good impression with her new colleagues – with the exception of Nick Ballantine. He can jump in the nearest lake.

From their first meeting, it becomes clear that Nick finds Taylor’s primness amusing. Finds her ridiculous. Well, the feeling is mutual. His good looks may rival his other colleagues, but he won’t get under her skin. No way…

Nick enjoys the freedom of his job and it’s flexible hours. He hates to feel hemmed in. He also enjoys riling up Taylor, but at times he sees the vulnerability underneath her frosty exterior and knows there’s more to her than meets the eye. When the chance to take her mind of a failed relationship presents itself, Nick knows he’s the man to help her. If only her default coldness doesn’t give him frostbite…

Why you should read it: All fans of the Oxford series will welcome another chance to catch up with the best fictional office out there! I was looking forward to reading about these two characters we glimpsed in the previous book. The chemistry was certainly present between these two and some of their exchanges made me laugh out loud!

What you might not like: This book follows Lincoln’s story – which I loved because I was so invested in his character from the beginning. Taylor and Nick kind of crept up on me and I didn’t always know what to make of such openly hostile, defensive people. I’m kind of tired of the archetypal ‘ice queen’ heroine too. It was a quick read – I may not have enjoyed the journey to HEA as much as I’d have liked – but it was classic romantic fun.

Rating: 3/5 – it was entertaining – not the best story in the series in my opinion, but Lauren Layne is always worth a read. I liked it but didn’t love it.

Someone Like You by Lauren Layne

sly_coverBook: Someone Like You

Series: Oxford #3

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 6th December, 2016

Main characters: Lincoln Mathis (sexy hero and ladies man with a big secret), Daisy Sinclair (heroine with her own set of Louis Vuitton-sized baggage).

Plot: Lincoln Mathis has quite the reputation. A renowned ladies’ man, he should be a heartbreaker – instead, when he walks away, he manages to make the ladies love him even more. His friend Emma is about to marry his best pal and the bride wants him nowhere near her twin, Daisy. He’s been warned.

Daisy Sinclair may look identical to Emma, but she’s different in almost every way. She’s sassy, confident and as good at playing an upbeat version of herself as Lincoln is. She recognises a kindred spirit immediately. His urbane, devil-may-care attitude is a front for something painful and she feels that they understand each other from their first meeting.

Daisy is nursing her own scars – a failed marriage and past betrayals have made her wary of life, but her budding friendship with Lincoln could rebuild some of her confidence. If Lincoln could let down his guard for even one minute, maybe he too could see that life doesn’t have to be so lonely…

Why you should read it: I have been waiting the best part of a year for Lincoln’s story. He was a marginal character in all of the Stiletto books and the Oxford series, but the little I read of him, the more I was intrigued. I wanted to know his secrets and his backstory. He’s a truly wonderful hero. Funny, sensitive and sexy as hell. He ticked all of my boxes! Daisy is a great character too. She has secrets but she’s fairly straightforward. She’s plucky and brave and goes for what she wants, despite the risks. The chemistry between the pair is hot, hot, hot!

What you might not like: I’m honestly not sure. There are a lot of characters to keep track of. I would advise you to read at least some of the earlier books in the series. However, the author does put each character in context, so I’m sure you’ll keep up!

Rating: 5/5 for an entertaining, at times heartbreaking, sexy read. I loved every word, every page. I think you will too!


To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne


Book: To Have and to Hold

Series: The Wedding Belles #1

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 26 July, 2016


Main characters: Brooke Baldwin (wedding planner extraordinaire) and Seth Tyler (brother  to the bride and curmudgeon)

Basic story: Brooke Baldwin has relocated to the Big Apple after suffering humiliation at the altar in California. For a successful wedding planner, having your fiancé arrested before he says I do isn’t a ringing endorsement for her business.

Despite her private and profession setbacks, Brooke has been welcomed into the Wedding Belles fold. Manhattan’s top wedding planning agency has taken her on and she feels as though her luck is about to change. She just needs to prove herself on her first assignment.

Enter Seth Tyler. Seth is CEO of the family business and is less than impressed when his sister Maya announces her engagement to a man she’s known less than six months. He’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. He knows something’s amiss. When he crosses paths with the wedding planner, things take an interesting and perturbing turn. He resents her perkiness and the reason he has to meet with her, but she’s certainly intriguing. If only he can keep his controlling ways and his tendency to be an ass in check…

Why you should read it: I am a huge fan of Lauren Layne as she writes the perfect balance of fun, sexy and touching in all her stories. Brooke and Seth’s relationship is a perfect storm of emotions. Dynamite from the start. Is Seth naturally an ass, or is he just protecting his heart? Is Brooke really ok with her past, or is she an expert in avoiding her more inconvenient feelings in favour of her optimistic veneer? All is revealed in the story and we get to meet some interesting peripheral characters whom you’ll meet in other books in the series. I’ll definitely be reading Heather and Alexis’s stories.

What you may not enjoy: Nada – this is a perfect, peppy romance read. Great for summer or a rainy day. The dialogue is on point and light on angst.

Rating: 4/5 for a fun, sweet and entertaining story. I loved Brooke and Seth and read it with a huge smile on my face.