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Faking Mr. Right by Kerry Connor

Book: Faking Mr Right

Author: Kerry Connor

Basic story: Mel needs to find the perfect Mr Right for a national ad campaign for a swanky cosmetics company. Only problem is she’s been looking for months with no luck. When advertising exec Jeff’s best friend from back home in Brooklyn meets him for lunch at the office, Mel decides he’s the one. Former Army Ranger Sam is gorgeous and charming enough to wow all of America. But after a few days with Mel, he decides that the only one he wants to win over is her.

Why You Should Read It: Sam is charming enough to knock the socks off of grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and gay men everywhere–he knows exactly what to say at exactly the right moment; the cover features the hottest abs we’ve seen in a long time.

What You Might Hate: the plot line is extremely predictable with commitment phobic Mel warding off the advances of overly charming and captivating Sam at all times; as a character, Mel is pretty lackluster and seems cobbled together from some stereotype of a mousy woman–what we get is a bland heroine; the subplot featuring Sam’s uncle Tommy and his own love interest serves nothing more than to fill up pages; the lack of steamy scenes.

Our rating: 2/5 stars. Read it if you’re looking for a little escape otherwise don’t waste your time. You know this plot, you know the outcome, you won’t be surprised.