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Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

masterBook: Interview with a Master

Author: Jason Luke

Format: Kindle

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: When Leticia Fall lands an opportunity to interview successful businessman and bdsm master Jonah Noble, she has a unique opportunity to kick-start her journalistic career. Never before has he opened up to anyone about his lifestyle, so it’s a coup when he accepts to be interviewed by her. Nothing is off limits; he will answer all of her questions, with only one condition: for every session they have together, Leticia must answer one personal question about herself.

Through their sessions together, Leticia gets to know the enigmatic Jonah and finds that he isn’t the typical alpha she was expecting. He’s warm, funny and also lonely. Jonah finds himself more and more attracted to Leticia and her innocence is endearing. He is harbouring a secret however, one that will destroy their fragile relationship once it comes to light.

Why you should read this: I was quite excited by the premise of this story and to read a memoir written by a male novelist was also an exciting prospect. Like Interview with a Vampire, this book structure is a great way to learn more about a character and his interviewer. The writing is strong and there’s a solid story here. It’s very sexy (as you’d expect) and believe me, Jonah doesn’t hold back on the information.

What you might hate: I think hate might be too strong a word here, but I feel as though an opportunity was missed here. There is a lot of in-depth sexual content in the book, which is fine however, I really wanted to find out what made Jonah tick and I felt that the story was dominated by the physical acts, rather than the stuff I wanted to find out about, namely his background, his relationships with others. Then the ending was extremely abrupt – it came out of nowhere and I was left a little bewildered.

Rating: 3/5 – a great premise, nice to read a book from a realistic male pov, but it didn’t answer all my questions and I was left feeling a bit dazed and confused.

Interview with a Master is out now.