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Review: Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young


img_1040Book: Kiss of Vengeance

Series: A True Immortality novel #2

Author: S. Young

Release date: 3 March 2020

Main characters: Rose Kelly, currently exploring Europe, never staying too long in one place. Searching for something. Fionn Mór, enigmatic, seeking vengeance that won’t be denied. No matter the cost.


Fionn Mór was once a high king of Ireland; a fierce warrior who led his tribes against the invading fae. It was a war he couldn’t win and to save his family he turned consort for the Fae Queen. Fionn escaped as the thing he once despised, and the people he loved betrayed him for it. Now, centuries later, it’s time to reopen the gates to Faerie to take his revenge against the Faerie Queen.

At sixteen Rose Kelly discovered family secrets that changed her forever. Years after, she’s still lost, traveling across Europe in search of that elusive missing ‘something’. When she’s attacked by a vampire, not only is she wrenched into a supernatural underworld she never knew existed, a knock on the head releases a spell on her mind and unlocks powers beyond her wildest imaginings. And with them more questions. Questions Fionn Mór claims to have answers to.

Following the powerful and enigmatic Fionn to Ireland, Rose quickly realizes she’s a pawn in his plan for vengeance. What begins as a passionate battle of wills leads to an inexplicable but undeniable connection. One that will force them to face an impossible choice between the deepest love… and the darkest revenge.

Why you should read it: Oh my goodness! How I love this series! I didn’t think S. Young would be able to top War of Hearts but that goes to show how little I know! Kiss of Vengeance, from the get go, is a rollercoaster ride and it doesn’t let up until the epilogue! It was action-packed, sexy, had great dialogue and kept me guessing. The chemistry between Rose and Fionn built steadily and happily there was no insta-love! (Not that there ever is with this author!) The story is rich and full of folklore and the obstacles keep coming for Rose, making the pace frenetic. I couldn’t put the book down.

What you might not like: No idea! I loved it! But, I did need to bookmark the glossary as the Gaelic pronunciations of names would not stick in my head! I think I’ve finally got them memorised now (I so don’t)!

Rating: 5/5 for a truly exciting, fully formed, masterful piece of writing. It was an epic read and one I’ll be sure to return to again and again.