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RELEASE BLITZ: Violent Triumphs by Jessica Hawkins

Happy release day to one of our favourite authors Jessica Hawkins! The wait is finally over!

Title: Violent Triumphs

Series: White Monarch #3

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 12, 2019


I’ve become a queen to the forsaken, a leader to thieves, and the wife of a man who instills fear in all who cross his path. He was the husband I didn’t want. Now, I can’t fathom life without my king.

I should’ve been ready for anything. Like the caterpillar that feeds on poison during metamorphosis, I was raised in the dangerous world of cartel crime. But nothing could’ve prepared me for Cristiano de la Rosa, his brother’s poison, or the Calavera cartel.

This is still a story about a love strong enough to topple households, unite enemies, and divide brothers. Resilient enough to bring down those who would try to destroy it . . . and selfless enough to make the ultimate sacrifice.

But I was warned, and so were you. Death’s day always comes. This time, it will find what was once a caterpillar is now a butterfly—and hell hath no fury like the White Monarch.


US: https://amzn.to/2oUBhUr
UK: https://amzn.to/32oxxrZ
CA: https://amzn.to/36OM6si
AU: https://amzn.to/2WMfw5G
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The Consequences of Falling by Claire Contreras

cof coverBook: The Consequences of Falling

Author: Claire Contreras

Release date: 12 January 2019

Genre: Contemporary romance

Main characters: Presley Rose, young, soon-to-be-divorcee, keen to prove herself in her father’s firm. Nathaniel Bradley, her nemesis, and her father’s protégé who knows just how to push all her buttons.


The list of things I hate is short. Not even my soon-to-be ex-husband is on that list. Nope. I save only the worst of the worst, the crème de la crème, the absolute I cannot even for this list . . .

1. Black coffee
2. Rude people
3. Nathaniel Bradley

Which is why when my father informs me that he’s making Nathaniel Bradley his new business partner, and in turn, my boss, I flip out. 

1. He’s an annoying know-it-all. 
2. He calls me a spoiled princess every chance he gets. 
3. He disapproves of everything I do.

I go into this knowing I’ll hate every second in his presence. Except the longer he’s around, the more I find myself staring at his lips and remembering the one time they were on mine. I randomly find myself looking at his hands and wondering how they’d feel on my skin. 

I try to snap out of it, but I guess I’m not as smart as I thought I was. No matter how many times I remind myself of the times I’ve practically thrown myself at him and he’s pushed me away, I keep falling little by little.

I’d always heard that it was a bad idea to mix business with pleasure and if that’s the case, this thing with Nathaniel has demise written all over it.

Why you should read it: I haven’t read many books by Claire Contreras in the last few months – no idea why as I enjoy her work immensely. I was drawn into this story from the first page and I truly loved Presley – her inner monologue and the exploration of her difficult relationship with her parents was fascinating. Nathaniel is also a really interesting hero. He fires back at and challenges Presley in a way no-one else does in her life. I thought he was a bit harsh at times, but it became apparent as to why and then I understood where he was coming from.

Presley came across as a spoilt princess at times but I felt for her quite a bit. Going through the stress of divorce, she’s left feeling that she can’t trust anyone. She doesn’t know what to do in her professional life, as no-one really thought she was capable of much to begin with. The chemistry between Nate and Presley and the time span of the book really made for a deep love story. I loved every minute.

What you may not like: Presley has a tendency towards stubbornness which may, or may not annoy you. I found it entertaining and completely understood where she was coming from. Other than that, I can’t recommend it enough.

Rating: 5/5 for a sweet, sad and sexy read about second chances, being enough and forgiveness.

Buy links:

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2SRmseV
Amazon Worldwide: mybook.to/TCoF

Making Up by Lucy Parker

Making Up (London Celebrities, #3)Book: Making Up

Series: London Celebrities #3

Author: Lucy Parker

Release date: 28 May 2018

Main characters: Beatrix Lane, talented aerialist and thorn in the side to Leo Magasiva. Leo is a brilliantly talented make-up artist, who has recently suffered a slight career set back.

She grimaced. “You’re like a less particular version of Beetlejuice,” she said flatly. “I don’t even need to say your name. One passing thought and you materialise out of nowhere.”


Once upon a time, circus artist Trix Lane was the best around. Her spark vanished with her confidence, though, and reclaiming either has proved…difficult. So when the star of The Festival of Masks is nixed and Trix is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, it’s exactly the push she needs. But the joy over her sudden elevation in status is cut short by a new hire on the makeup team.

Leo Magasiva: disgraced wizard of special effects. He of the beautiful voice and impressive beard. Complete dickhead and—in an unexpected twist—an enragingly good kisser.

To Leo, something about Trix is…different. Lovely. Beautiful, even though the pint-size, pink-haired former bane of his existence still spends most of her waking hours working to annoy him. They’ve barely been able to spend two minutes together for years, and now he can’t get enough of her. On stage. At home. In his bed.

When it comes to commitment, Trix has been there, done that, never wants to do it again. Leo’s this close to the job of a lifetime, which would take him away from London—and from Trix. Their past is a constant barrier between them.
It seems hopeless.
Utterly impossible.
And yet…

Why you should read it: I loved this book! The series is pretty amazing actually – if you enjoyed the acerbic wit of Pretty Face, then I think you’ll enjoy Trix and Leo’s story too. For me, it started quite slowly, and I didn’t know what to expect. Then, as soon as Trix and Leo interacted, it was fireworks! They are like Beatrice and Benedick, Taylor and Burton! The barbs are sharp and had me cracking up in places! Their chemistry was palpable and I was glad with how they dealt with their issues – they were the perfect balance to each other.

There are some pretty important themes in the book too. Trix is dealing with anxiety, and the fact that her confidence in her own abilities has been knocked quite significantly. Seeing her evolve as a character was very satisfying – and the role Leo plays in looking at his own life too, was interesting. And most importantly, realistic.

What you may not like: It did start a little slowly for me, slower than perhaps I’m used to, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the characters. I think you will too.

Rating: 4/5 for a well written, sexy and funny story that really spoke to me. Feel the fear – but do it anyway!

Blog tour: Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

: Walk of Shame

Series: Love Unexpectedly #4

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 18 April, 2017

Main characters: Georgiana Watkins, It girl and all-round good egg. Andrew Mulroney, her surly neighbour and Manhattan’s most eligible divorce lawyer.

Plot: Georgie is a care-free socialite who loves life. She loves her life. However, lately it’s been feeling a little…samey? She can’t quite put her finger on it, but the highlight of her day includes hanging out in her building’s lobby and sparring with Andrew Mulroney, her neighbour in 79B. He’s so miserable and stiff – she loves to get a rise out of him. Work him up until he insults her and walks off in a huff. She doesn’t like him at all. Nope, not a bit.

Andrew is a divorce attorney and has worked damn hard to get to where he is in life. He’s focused, driven and has no time for frivolous, work-shy socialites who annoy him every morning. So what if Georgiana is able to befriend almost anyone and he can’t. So what if she actually seems like a lot of fun? Fun isn’t a word in his lexicon and he doesn’t want distractions in his well-ordered life. She’s ridiculous…

As the pair’s battle of wills reaches critical mass, they are forced to look at themselves and ask – can two people so diametrically opposed actually become friends, or more than friends? Or are they more likely to kill each other?

Why you should read it: This book was so sweet! Without being sickly at all. I loved, loved loved Georgie. Her bounciness and optimism didn’t grate – she was genuine and genuinely loved getting to know people. She was real – she gave as good as she got but also had a really sensitive side. Her exchanges with Andrew were entertaining, at times you felt her frustration with Andrew and herself, for not being able to break through his frosty veneer. One of my favourite scenes in a romance book is when either the hero or heroine falls ill (I don’t know why – that’s weird right?) because it shows some vulnerability and a different side to the character. This book had that element so I was happy as a clam!

Andrew was so cold at first – once you realise why he has no emotional intelligence, it all makes sense. He’s a good guy in dire need of someone to remove the poker from his posterior. Georgie’s just the woman to do it.

What you may not like: in the author’s own words, this book is an homage to all romances and romantic films out there. That means some wicked banter, plenty of misunderstandings and sexual tension that is off the charts. Not your bag? Fair enough. The drama is fairly low, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of action.

Rating: 4/5 for a sweet, short read with two great characters. Andrew will make you scream – Georgie will make you smile and I think we’d all love a Georgie in my life. Think of all the doughnuts…

Flawed by Tracy Wolff

wolffBook: Flawed

Author: Tracy Wolff

Series: Ethan Frost novel #4

Release date: 17 January, 2017

Main characters: Tori Reed, heroine whose past life choices are about to bite her. Miles Girard – technology wunderkind (and Tori’s best friend’s brother) but a bit of a novice with human relationships.

Plot: Tori Reed is about to experience the worst month of her life. After having spurned the unwanted advances of an ex at a party, little does she realise that the same ex will hit back so savagely. Left battered and bruised (figuratively) and disowned by her family, Tori’s rock bottom is hurtling towards her. Left homeless and with very few possessions, she’s forced to seek refuge at her friends’ nearby home. A place where she can get her head on straight for a few days and regroup. She didn’t budget for her arch-nemesis Miles, being there…

Miles Girard knows Tori hates him – not surprising considering his role in his sister’s past troubles – but that was the past and try as he might to atone, Tori still seems to hate his mere existence. He’s determined to show her he’s not the enemy, if she’d just lower her armour for a second. When she shows up on his doorstep in a state, he knows something is up – and when he sees how vulnerable she really is, he’s resolved to be the one man that she can trust implicitly…

Why you should read it: This book has been a  long time coming, and as a standalone, it was less drama-filled than the Ethan Frost trilogy focusing on Ethan and Chloe. It has a very current feel to it and really did tackle a lot of the injustices currently reported in the media. Woolf writes passionately about society’s double standards and how women are shamed in myriad ways on a daily basis. It was a well-woven story about a young woman trying to navigate her way out of trouble and set her life back on track. I really enjoyed Tori and Miles’s dynamic – once they stopped lobbing verbal bombs at each other, their interactions were sweet, steamy and showed depth.

What you may not like: I usually enjoy a bit of character development in a story and usually for the heroine to get herself out of her own mess. This didn’t happen for very practical reasons – she was left with nothing, and only had very powerful friends to turn to. What else could she realistically have done? So, although not how I like my usual stories to turn out – it would have taken quite a bit of artistic licence for Tori to be her own white knight in this scenario!

Rating: 4/5 for an interesting, incredibly relevant and topical story about having your life turned upside down by a disgruntled ex and the way the world views men and women. Certainly worth taking a look. Flawed is out now.