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BLOG TOUR REVIEW: The Girl He Loves by Roya Carmen

Book: The Girl He Loves

Series: Orchard Heights #1

Author: Roya Carmen

Release date: 21 November 2019

Main characters: Mischa Lombardi, accountant, wife, mother and obsessive compulsive trying to navigate life; Brian Lombardi, her husband and soulmate, hiding a huge secret.


Mischa Lombardi is odd. Pragmatic. Perfectionist. Neurotic. Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the age of eleven, she can’t remember being any other way.

Thankfully, with the assistance of medication and therapy, her life is well under control. Some might even say it’s perfect: a beautiful human sband, her sons Trevor and Tristan, a fabulous condo, work she enjoys and great friends.

Yet she’s still extremely fragile. It’s the reason she always guards her emotions very carefully. And unfortunately, nothing can help her when, by chance, she discovers her husband’s secret — Ava, a beautiful young woman. She was so sure she knew her husband, but now she desperately needs to uncover the truth.

It’s no surprise when she becomes obsessed with Ava, with every trivial detail of her life; her friends, her beautiful mother, and most of all, her gentle and sweet father. Driven not only by curiosity and obsession, but also by jealousy and lust, she heads down a turbulent path as she sets out to uncover everything about her husband’s secret life and all the mysterious people in it.

Why you should read it: anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love this author. Her series have such depth to them and she’s never afraid to explore the more complicated, difficult areas of life at all. I was totally intrigued by the book’s blurb. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where the main character was so complex and her personality literally drives her forward, whether she likes it or not. In The Girl He Loves, I was hooked from the start. I was able to empathise with Mischa quite a bit and felt able to understand her motivations in solving the mystery of her husband.

What you might not like: I felt for Mischa because I didn’t feel like her family fully understood the gravity of her condition. It was laughed off, or they deliberately messed with her, and it was a running joke. I was left wondering whether it was a family defense mechanism to downplay it, or whether Mischa simply hadn’t been completely honest with them. Perhaps it was a little of both.

Then there was Brian. I felt like he was a good guy who we’re supposed to like – he does deal with a lot from Mischa, yet, to keep such a huge secret? Dude! I felt there was a lot of love there, but they’d both been tested quite a lot. It wasn’t hearts and flowers – it was messy and inconvenient, so in that it rang true to me. Mischa has a very critical inner voice. Both she and her husband refer to herself as crazy a lot of the time, which didn’t really sit well with me, and didn’t really help her situation either. I felt like the family needed a LOT of therapy!

Rating: 3.5/5 for a complicated and multi-faceted heroine. I liked her for all she was and for what she was trying to achieve. It was an engaging story that made me think and wince and scream at my kindle!


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