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Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre


Author: Alessandra Torre

Release date: 18 April, 2017

Publication info: Previously released as The Dumont diaries.

Main characters: Candace Tapers, a graduate, deep in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Nathan Dumont, successful businessman with a plan, who intends to make Candace an offer she can’t refuse.

Plot: Candy is on skid row. Despite a good start in life, she’s found herself on the bad side of debt, now working as a stripper in a third-rate club. Escape is not in sight and she only  has time to contemplate how bad things have got. When a rich stranger enters her club and demands she dance for him, she begins to hope that her luck is about to change. She knows how dangerous hope can be…

Nathan is on a mission – he’s looking for Candace to become his wife. He’ll give her everything – except for love, affection and respect. She’s in a hole and really can’t refuse. Only after the weeks become months does Candy realise the ramifications of her decision. Certain at the beginning that love was a luxury she couldn’t afford, she realises that a life with luxury but no kindness is not for her. But what can she do?

Why you should read it: This book! I loved it when I first read it and now it’s back and improved. It came out yesterday and spent all evening reading it. (Good job my family is used to me ignoring them!)  I devoured every word. Nathan is a shit – the best kind of anti-hero, while Candace is plucky and optimistic despite her situation. I loved the developing story and the character development. It’s a guilty pleasure for me when the hero of a book isn’t exactly a good guy.

What you may not like: Ok – parts of the book are pretty messed up – poor Candace gets humiliated at times and treated very poorly. She’s a great character and surprisingly resilient. There’s a lot of sex too – like a bunch. Not a problem for me – (total perv that I am) but if you like your romances to be bright and breezy, this one is dark and dank at times! Hopefully the narrative will help you along and the smut won’t be too distracting.

Rating: I loved the original and welcome the additions to the story – I like Nathan and Candace and I very much enjoyed the story’s evolution. 5/5.