Unbound by Cara McKenna

UnboundBook: Unbound (Intermix)

Author: Cara McKenna

Format: Kindle book

Basic Story: Merry has been going through some changes lately. She’s lost around 100 pounds, lost some friends along the way who preferred her jolly and fat and her mother has passed away. In an effort to re-evaluate her life, she decides to back pack her way through Scotland, where her mother grew up, and find herself. She manages to make it two-thirds across the terrain before she gets sick. Alone and worried that it’s serious, she makes her way to the solitary cottage up the hill. Its tenant has no option but to take her in.

Rob has lived in solitude for the past two years and likes it that way. His only companion is a little dog he never thought to name. He usually ignores the tourists that pass by his door, but when Merry shows up, with possible concussion and maybe an infection, he can’t very well turn her away. He’s eager to patch her up and send her on her way but it soon becomes clear she’s in no fit state to go anywhere. Looks like the hermit will have to dust off those long-forgotten manners and be sociable for once. Merry is instantly attracted to the surly and curt Rob. He’s closed off but she can tell there’s a kind person underneath it all. It’s just a case of drawing him out. Nothing can prepare her for what she’ll find, but she’s willing to risk it all to see who Rob truly is.

Why you should read this: Cara McKenna writes some of the smartest erotic romance out there at the moment. It’s always fresh, exciting and surprising. I wasn’t expecting what I read and was hooked from the first paragraph. Merry was sweet, open-minded and a really likeable heroine. Rob is a complete mess, with many many problems but he’s also vulnerable and has so many layers. I loved this pair so much. The way their relationship built up over the course of the week Merry stays with Rob is paced really well. They don’t jump into anything, they spend time talking and feeling out the other. The dialogue and the silences between them spoke volumes and that’s why it was such an outstanding read.

What you might hate: If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy read then this book is not that at all! It gets real and it gets dark – Rob’s in pain from the past and as the story unravels, you see just how bad things have got. I personally don’t see what there is to hate about this book as I loved the story, the writing and the sex scenes were off the charts hot!

Rating: 4/5 for this very modern, very real story. I had it on pre-order forever – it was so worth the wait. I want to see more books like this with the women in charge and not some ingenue who gets used by the dominant male!

Isn’t She Lovely by Lauren Layne

FINAL-Isnt-She-LovelyBook: Isn’t She Lovely

Format: Uncorrected arc

Author: Lauren Layne

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Stephanie Kendrick won a coveted place on a film screenwriting course at NYU. Her decision to stick around in New York instead of dealing with her dad in North Carolina, wasn’t taken lightly. Forced to share the same space with her cheating ex and the girl he cheated on her with, home is definitely a place she doesn’t want to be. Dressed head-to-toe in black, sporting many piercings and generally keeping the world at bay, Stephanie isn’t prepared to be paired up in class with the preppy, blond Ethan Price. He’s charming to a fault, but Stephanie thinks she has his number. Slumming it for the summer instead of sailing some yacht in the Hamptons – he’s vapid and lacking in substance.

Ethan Price has lots of expectations put upon him by his family. He’s taking the summer out to think things through and get away from his cheating ex, his best friend and his domineering mother. Bumping into Stephanie Kendrick only reinforces his insecurities about himself not mixing with people outside his social circle. She’s a scowling mess but underneath all of the eye gunk there is something about her that fascinates him. Working together on a film script the pair decide to go with a Pygmalion theme – life begins to imitate art when Ethan propositions Stephanie to be his fake girlfriend for the summer to get his mother off his back and to save face at social gatherings. Stephanie is doubtful, but there is a free room in it for her – so she doesn’t have to stay with her ex. A few weeks posing as someone she used to be – cake walk…

Why you should read this: Lauren Layne has a great ‘voice’ – she’s able to re-spin a story as old as time and make it into something shiny and new. She references all the past takes on Pygmalion (from My Fair Lady to Pretty Woman) and manages to interweave the plot into a modern-day love story and people from very different worlds. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters – Ethan and Stephanie had depth and both had issues underneath the surface.

What you might hate: There is the inevitable boy loses girl for a bit and that may frustrate you – you need to go with it. Stephanie can be prickly and stubborn but fortunately not all the time – she’s a likeable character and so is Ethan. Does it get a bit cheesy at times? Yes. Will it make you feel good? Yes.

Rating: For a valiant attempt to update a very formulaic story, I give this 3/5. You’ll swoon and laugh and maybe even tear up at certain points. It’s a fun, light read that will make you care about the characters and laugh right along with them.

Giveaway: Romance Grab Bag featuring ‘The Dining Club’ by Marina Anderson

Forever Romance’s first serial novel, THE DINING CLUB by bestselling author Marina Anderson, is now available and the lovely ladies at Forever Romance are having a bumper giveaway, where 3 lucky winners will receive print copies of the following books:

THE DINING CLUB by Marina Anderson

HAVEN OF OBEDIENCE by Marina Anderson


THIS MAN by Jodi Ellen Malpas


ALL HE WANTS by C.C. Gibbs

The Giveaway will run from October 23rd until October 30th and is open to US and Canadian residents – over 18s only please. You can enter here.


The Dining Club is a serialised read and it is guaranteed to heat up these cold winter nights. Here’s an excerpt:


 ‘Grace, most people keep parts of themselves hidden from the rest of the world. Haven’t you any deep, dark secrets or feelings that you never vocalise?’

‘No, I haven’t. Tell me about this weekend before I get up and walk out of here,’ she retorted, her anxiety rising with every word he spoke.

 His fingers stopped moving against the nape of her neck.

‘This Club isn’t really a dining club. It’s a Club for people with specialised sexual needs and desires. They come here so that they can enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that they’re surrounded by like-minded people.’

Grace frowned. ‘Why do they need a dining room for that? There are plenty of clubs in

London that cater for all kinds of sexual tastes.’

 ‘True, but sometimes people need a place to bring someone they’re involved with who doesn’t know some of their, shall we say, more unusual sexual needs. This is a safe place for them to find out if that person can ever be happy sharing their world, or if the

relationship is doomed to failure because they can’t.’

Remembering the way her lover’s teeth had closed over her soft inner thighs, causing her moments of genuine pain, Grace began to understand what he meant. ‘Can you explain more about the dining room?’

‘There are four tables, five if you count the top table, but you don’t need to get involved with that. Each table is numbered from one to five. As you noticed, every table seats three people. This is because at every table there are two people like you and me, who are he

re to discover whether they are well suited sexually or not, and either another Club member or one of the staff. Needless to say, all of the staff here have a very wide range of sexual skills.

‘Tonight you and I will sit at table one. If the evening goes well, and you want to come back next month, we’ll sit at table two.’

Buy Links: (Part 1: DESIRE)

Amazon – http://amzn.to/1cSABOp

iTunes– http://bit.ly/1baSCFC

Barnes and Noble – http://bit.ly/1fSJUlp

Everything You Need to Know

Everything you Need to KnowBook: Everything You Need to Know

Author: Helenkay Dimon

Series: Cosmo Red-Hot Reads

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Jordan McAdam is a woman with a mission. Having been laid off from work in the past, she’s determined to set up in business and be her own boss. That means no more kowtowing to sleazy, overbearing bosses who like chasing her around desks. A woman can’t be too careful in Washington DC. That’s where she got the idea for her business, Everything You Need to Know. A dating service where women can share their experiences of the men they’ve dated. The movers and shakers and the city’s playboys are all rated online, whether it’s their bedroom skills or manners, it’s all there. Jordan’s been stung in the past and she’s definitely over love. Then she meets Forest Redder.

Forest is a sharp shooter. He’s direct, demanding and knows where he’s headed in business. If only his personal life were so ordered. When he meets Jordan he becomes intrigued. She’s smart, beautiful and after some digging, it’s clear she isn’t all she seems. He’s determined to get to know her better and when they’re together, that’s when things really heat up…

Why you should read this: This is another fun, quick read that will make you smile. Jordan is whip smart, absolutely clueless about her feelings for Forest and just needs the love of a good guy. Forest is tall, dark and very handsome. He commands a room just by being in it. He’s fair-minded and an all-round perfect partner.

What you might hate: Nothing to hate on here. It’s a quick, light read. No angst, no heartache and it all wraps up neatly at the end. It can be read in one sitting, while you’re trying to decide what to read next.

Rating: 3/5 a refreshing, satisfying read where all’s right with the world by the final sentence. Liked it a lot.

Everything You Need to Know is out on October 15.

A Vintage Affair by Josh Lanyon

Book: A Vintage Affair

Author: Josh Lanyon

Format: Kindle

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Austin Gillespie, renowned wine expert is sent to old-world Georgia in a bid to locate four priceless bottles of wine. If he can find them and verify that they are indeed the real thing, his future will be assured. He’s desperate to step out of the shadow of his family’s success and prove once and for all that his career means something too. Once he arrives at Ballineen, a crumbling antebellum mansion, nothing can prepare him for the eccentric family living within. Carson Cashel, only daughter and last of the Southern belles, Cormac Cashel her brother, sullen and intense and then there’s Aunt Eudie – eccentric and sweet. These characters are a lot to deal with but it is Jefferson Brady who holds his attention.

Convinced that Jeff is involved with Carson, Austin brushes off his initial attraction and sets off to work. But that’s when things go from bad to worse. How’s Austin meant to get any work done when there’s a dead body in the cellar with him? Chaos and intrigue ensue and as he spends more time with the enigmatic Jeff – who intends to remain firmly at the back of the closet – Austin must decide whether his feelings for Jeff are worth the heartache.

Why you should read this: Oh man – I had this book on my Kindle for ages and have only just got around to reading it. I have no idea why I didn’t pick it up sooner. It’s so well written – it’s a novella but the pace is perfect. There’s plenty of action, there’s a mystery to be solved and there’s the romance between Austin and Jeff. It’s not fuelled by angst, which is so refreshing and it’s a simple love story. I fell for Austin’s vulnerability and his sensitivity. There’s plenty of humour too, bordering on farce when Austin has to deflect Cormac’s clumsy advances – it’s so much fun.

What you might hate: Can’t honestly think why you’d hate this – it’s a m/m romance, which may not be for everyone but it’s sexy as all get out. It’s basically a story about making peace with who you are and taking a chance on love, despite the possibility of heartache. It’s also set in the world of fine wine – which I love more than life, so for me I was in literary heaven.

Rating: Easy – 5/5 for keeping the action low-key without making it dull. The writing is exceptional, heartfelt and real. It was sexy without going for pure titillation. I loved it and I want to read more Josh Lanyon!

Dream Me Off My Feet by Stevie Kisner

dream me off my feetBook: Dream Me Off my Feet

Author: Stevie Kisner

Series: Sex, Love and Rock & Roll

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: JT Blackwood is lead singer with British rock band Slanker Knox. Currently touring and in need of a photographer, JT checks up on a lead. Kori Connor is good but inexperienced. She also runs a fansite for the band and writes some pretty steamy fanfiction. Stuck in a dead-end job with no career prospects, she longs to become a professional photographer. JT is seriously impressed with her work and wants to make sure that she’ll fit in with the band dynamic. After passing his test, it’s clear that she has what it takes to join the team. Kori has the support of her husband and son so grabs the opportunity with both hands.

As Kori spends more time with JT and the band, a connection develops between the pair – she is able to tune into his frequency with ease. Turns out Kori has more than just a talent for photography and storytelling. She can hear his thoughts broadcasting loud and clear. His feelings for her are undeniable and the temptation becomes too great. Once JT realises Kori’s predicament, instead of cooling things down he decides to ramp up his seduction. He’s in her head constantly; and in her dreams. Kori has to decide whether to throw it all away for the sheer thrill and psychic connection she finds in JT. Or maybe the choice was made long ago…

Why you should read it: This book goes way beyond the usual rock star read. It took me a while to get into it at first, but when things got going, I was plunged into a world of passion and psychic connections. What would you do if you found your soulmate of your dreams only to be reunited years later? Would you walk away? Could you? The dynamic between the band and the British slang were actually pretty accurate and I felt that the characters were real rather than caricatures. JT is a rock and roll badboy, in need of love and sick of the usual stream of groupies. Kori is a decent person, good wife and mother (until she meets JT) and despite having tremendous gifts, does her best not to invade others’ minds. It’s  a love story of epic proportions; at times selfish and ruthless, but compelling nonetheless.

What you might hate: Ok – first of all, this book is long. I mean really long. I  felt like I’d been reading it for DAYS. So much happened but at the same time, with a good editor to cut out the repetition it could have been pared down and still told the story. The sexy scenes were hot but there were sooo many of them, all with the same dialogue. If I read another line of “oh, but what you do to me!” I was going to scream! I also felt that certain scenes either didn’t need to be there at all, or could have been described in far less detail. All in all, there was a darn good story there but it really could use a firm hand to shape it more so that no words or scenes are wasted. You may also take issue with the subject matter – I’m not a fan of cheaters (not sure who is!) but for fiction I can certainly suspend my moral judgments – it’s not real! However, JT and Kori were extremely shady – she cheats on poor, kind hubby the first night she’s away! And it doesn’t end there, but I’m not going to spoil it for you…

Rating: For the sheer amount of hard work that went into this and for the original storyline, I’m going to give this a 3/5. It’s not perfect and it really did start to meander and repeat itself at times so I will admit to skim reading at 75% of the way through – but if you enjoy passion that makes characters lose all sense of reason and an epic journey, then you should definitely take a look.

Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

Book: Come Together

Series: The Cityscape Series

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Format: uncorrected ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Olivia has finally taken the plunge and delivered the earth shattering news to her husband Bill that she’s leaving him for David Dylan. Bill understandably bounces between anger and then the desire to work on their problems, even submitting to counselling if she’ll stay. Olivia leaves the home and seeks refuge and support with her best friend Gretchen. However, not all of her friends can support her decision to leave her marriage. Lifelong friends Lucy and Andrew are firmly in camp Bill and her difficult relationship with her mother is tried further. Olivia is convinced she’s made the right decision; no-one has ever made her feel as alive as David and he feels the same way about her. Doesn’t he?

Bill, her mother and Lucy all have the same warning: David likes a challenge and will dump her as soon as he gets bored. Then she’ll be left alone. Confused and overwhelmed, Olivia is unsure of whom she should believe. Has David been completely honest with her about his feelings and will their love stand up to public pressure and the demons of her past?

Why you should read this: If you read and enjoyed both Come Undone and Come Alive then how can you not want to read the conclusion to this epic love story? In this book we really see the inner workings of Olivia’s mind. Before, she’s kept everything internalised and contained in a neat package. Now she’s let an all-consuming love in, all hell breaks loose! Olivia’s past and her insecurities really rise to the surface and she questions her decisions throughout the story. We also get a clearer picture of David Dylan the lover. So close to getting what he wants, we really see his full character, the good and the bad. I enjoyed the development of all the characters – there was realism to it – Olivia and David have to face the consequences of their extra-marital relationship and the fallout is messy. Friends will pick sides and it may not be theirs.

What you might hate: Ok – as I said, you get deeper into the characters’ psyches. David has hitherto been a strong, silent and brooding type. Now Olivia has given up everything for him, his dominant and controlling tendencies make themselves felt. I can deal with protective – who doesn’t want to be protected? But at times he clearly has anger issues that need to be addressed. Thumping walls and scaring Olivia because he doesn’t want her to be alone with her husband due to his instability is kind of skewed logic! The couple have a difficult path to finding peace and you’ll go through the ups and downs with them. At times I became a little exasperated with Olivia’s lack of faith in David’s commitment to their relationship and thought she should just say something instead of having David drag it out of her. This isn’t a criticism – it annoyed me as it’s behaviour that I recognise and dislike in myself!

Rating: 3.5/5 – I’ve loved this series so much since picking up book one serendipitously in January. I have lived through Olivia and David’s first meeting to their final HEA. (I don’t think that’s a spoiler, is it?) It was a crazy, angst-ridden and emotional journey and I thank Jessica Hawkins for bringing us such passionate characters.

Come Together is out now.

Happy Release Day! – Jessica Hawkins’ Come Together

Happy, happy release day to the incredibly talented and lovely Jessica Hawkins! We’re the first stop on her blog tour for Book 3 in the Cityscape Series and we finally get to see who will have their happily ever after and who will be torn apart. If you’ve enjoyed Olivia, David (swoons unashamedly) and Bill’s journeys, you won’t want to miss the final instalment.

I’ll be posting a review later next week, but for now here’s an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Come Together.

David walked to me and sat, the bed dipping under his weight. “I like being here in your old room. I get to see a different part of you.”

“Do you like what you see?” I asked, arching an eyebrow at him.

His eyes moved to my lips, and a grunt was his non-response.

“I’m not supposed to have boys in my bed,” I whispered. Before he could stop me, I threw a leg over him and settled astride his lap. “Dad would flip.”

He took two handfuls of my ass and squeezed, pulling me against his crotch.

“You’re hard,” I murmured, my mind buzzing, my insides thrilling. He skated one hand up my back and stilled me by the nape of my neck. He held it as he latched his lips to mine in a sensual kiss that quickly turned hard and greedy. His tongue reached for me hungrily as his hand secured me to him. I gyrated in his lap as he flexed his other hand against my ass.

“Lose your virginity here?” he rasped.

I shook my head. “College,” I breathed and then kissed him again. “You?” I asked into his mouth.


“Head cheerleader?” I pushed my hips into him, creating a slow but purposeful rhythm.

“Something like that,” he said from behind gritted teeth. “You?”

“Jordan Banks, my,” my breath hitched when he pulled me against him harder, “first boyfriend.”

He flipped me over onto my back suddenly and grasped my hips in his hands. My legs surrounded him as he continued grinding against me.

“You’re gonna . . . make me . . . come,” I breathed, gasping with each acute sensation.

With a snap, he popped open the button of my jeans with one hand and pulled them over my ass. He propped himself above me with an outstretched arm. “Touch yourself in this bed?” he asked. He bypassed my pants to continue his sinuous teasing against my panties.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Show me.”

I hesitated, lost in the sensations singing through my body. He grasped my hand and lowered it between my legs. He shifted his hips and clamped my hand over my mound, circling my fingers around my clit.

“Oh, God,” I moaned, bowing my back. “Right there.”

“Don’t stop,” he said gruffly as he grabbed himself through his pants.

I urged him forward by pushing my heels into his ass.

“We can’t.” He glanced over his shoulder and when he looked back at me, his wore a lascivious grin. “What if your dad catches us?”

“I’m willing to risk it,” I exhaled, my fingers already tearing at his fly.

Come Together is out today.

Come Together

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille

Against the Ropes

Book: Against the Ropes

Author: Sarah Castille

Format: Uncorrected ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Makayla Delaney (known as Mac) is in a pickle. Unsure of what to do with her life she works part-time in a dead-end admin job while studying to be an EMT. When helping out a friend one night, she’s introduced to the illicit world of underground MMA fighting. She’s working on the door taking tickets, when someone sneaks in without paying. She pursues him and realises too late that he’s the main attraction. His name? Torment. He’s huge, tattooed, toned and muscular and seems to be amused by everything Mac says and does. When he requests that she stays to see the match, she refuses – she can’t stand violence of any kind. As owner of the club, he makes her an offer she can’t very well refuse. As the club isn’t legit, it’s difficult to find a willing medic to look after the injured fighters. She’s reluctant, but her financial situation is getting worse by the day, so she agrees to patch up the wounded.

The more time Torment and Makayla spend together, the more confused she becomes. All his outward behaviour suggests that he likes her, but then there’s the case of the bleached-blonde girlfriend lurking around the ring who seems to hate Mac on sight and the fact that Torment doesn’t want to reveal any of his secrets – including his real name. Mac may not like the fighting, but the biggest fight she faces is dealing with her feelings for the man who makes her heart skip a beat…

Why you should read this: I’ll be honest, I picked this book in part due to its cover. It’s sizzling, am I right? I’m a newcomer to the whole MMA books that are springing up and this is a fun one. Makayla is funny – she’s a little insecure but she doesn’t let it dominate her character. She deals with Torment’s dominance and unreasonable behaviour calmly and firmly. He truly is the most alpha of alphas I’ve come across in a long time – he gives Christian Grey a run for his money! The plot is packed full of action – you’ll find out who Torment is and that there are secrets on both sides. Sarah Castille has a great turn of phrase making Mac a wise-cracking, fun heroine.

What you might hate: Ok – if you’re over the whole, ‘me man, you my woman’ thing, then this book may not be for you. Torment likes to protect the things and people he cares about. He has clear control issues and does not deny it. He likes to fight too – A LOT. It provides a good contrast between him and Mac. But beware, he is the kind of hero that doesn’t like another male so much as looking at Mac, which is pretty primeval.

Rating: 3/5 – I really enjoyed the book. It’s not perfect – it’s like two different books in one with all the drama and action that unfolds, but it’s definitely worth a read. The steamy scenes were super steamy and I really liked that the couple didn’t get together too quickly and the heat was allowed to build.

Against the Ropes is out now.

Blog Tour – Megan Hart’s Tear You Apart & Giveaway

You may remember I recently reviewed Megan Hart’s Tear You Apart. It’s out now and Megan has kindly offered an excerpt to whet your appetites if you’ve not yet read it. I was totally knocked out by the book for its honesty and well-observed commentary, so it’s a pleasure to be able to share it with you.

tear you apartEver wondered how authors get their inspiration? Me too, so in true Megan style, here’s a little Tear You Apart trivia – did you know..?

  1. The title comes from the song by She Wants Revenge.
  2. The character of Will is unabashedly based (physically) on Norman Reedus. Love him! (Google him)
  3. In the book, Elisabeth experiences synesthesia, a condition in which sights and smells or sounds and sights, etc. become linked. I don’t experience this to the same extent as she does, but I definitely link sensations in odd ways…for example, something might taste the way something (totally unrelated) smells.
  4. I also despise modern art, and experienced something very much like Will and Elisabeth’s trip to the Museum of Modern Art. Moved to tears by Starry Night. Underwhelmed by some other pieces. Drunk on the MOMAtini. (The rest of it didn’t happen to me!)
  5. The book can be experienced, in addition to the text, as a “rock opera” with a full playlist. It can be found in the back of the book, and should be listened to in order. The songs tell their story.
  6. Tear You Apart is one of the fastest books I’ve ever written, and until literally just a few chapters from the end, I had no idea what was going to happen.
  7. Elisabeth is named in honor of the main character in 91/2 Weeks.
  8. Will is not named in honor of anyone; I can’t remember why I picked that name, only that it fit him.
  9. Gillian Anderson would be a great Elisabeth.
  10. Tear You Apart is not a romance. It’s a love story.


It happens all at once, so smoothly, how he pulls me close to him. He is going to kiss me. I am going to let him.

At the last second, I turn my face. I can’t do it. To feel his mouth on mine would be too much. It’s already all too much. Will smiles and everything inside me melts, liquid, running hot. He pulls me closer. He doesn’t kiss my mouth.

He kisses my neck, not soft or accidental but entirely on purpose. I don’t cringe, and I don’t pull away. I offer myself to him like I was waiting for this all along, and maybe I was but didn’t know it, but the first moment I feel the scratching brush of his stubble on my skin, all I can do is give up to it.

I give up to him.

My fingers thread through the back of his hair, holding his mouth closer to the soft and sensitive skin of my neck as my own lips part on a sigh I can not contain within the jail of my throat. Then my back is against the wall and Will presses against me, but he didn’t push me. I went there on my own. I pulled him against me. His leg eases between mine, his thigh pressing. My heel hooks over his calf. His kiss slides along my throat and jaw, but again when he tries to kiss my mouth, I turn my head. My hands find the hem of his shirt. Don’t do it, I tell myself. Don’t. But I do it anyway, I lift his shirt and let my fingertips find his smooth, hot skin underneath. His back. His stomach. The flat of my hand slides across him, and it’s not enough. It will never be enough.

“I have to go. I really should go.” Murmured between kisses against his throat, the words are insincere. No matter what I should do, what I have to do, I’m not leaving.

Will pauses, his breath hot on my cheek. He doesn’t move away, and oh, God, I can feel his cock, hard through his jeans, the thick ridge of it against my belly. I am undone.

We stay that way for the in-and-out of three or four breaths. My hands are still under his shirt. I blink rapidly, a puddle of silk ribbons in my brain for a couple seconds when my fingertips skid along the small indents of his spine. Crimson silk ribbons, that’s what his skin feels like.

“You should go,” he whispers. “You really should go.”

But I’m not leaving, I’m following a few stumbling steps toward the small alcove beneath the loft and the couch there. Leather, overstuffed, I think it’s black but it might be brown, I can’t focus on the color or the pattern of the pillows. My hands are flat on his chest, and Will lets me push him back onto the couch. Then I’m on top of him, straddling, my dress hiked up around my thighs, and his hands are skimming the edge of the fabric the same way mine did with the bottom of his shirt, and all I can think about is how much I want him to touch me.

Everything is hands and mouth and teeth and lips and tongue. We fumble, and it doesn’t matter. Laughter stutters out of me like rocks skipping on a lake. I bend over him, yank at his belt, freeing him. My hair falls in my face, and he pushes it back so he can get at my neck again. My throat. I can not get enough of him.

I push up his shirt, then pull it off over his head. Smooth, smooth skin. Hot. My fingers curl against his ribs. He has a tattoo, a stylized bird over his heart. My thighs grip his. His erection nudges me, thick and hard, and all I can think about is touching him. My hand strokes. His hips push upward. A groan slips from his throat.

I did that.

I did that to him.

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It’s open to all. Good luck!