Excerpt reveal – Defiant Attraction by V.K. Torston


I love connecting with new authors and reading their work – below is a short excerpt from debut author V.K Torston, and Defiant Attraction will be out soon (Nov 6th) and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Look out for my review on release day.

Twisting the tray from side to side breaks the ice with a satisfying crack. I’ve almost gone so far as to pour water into my glass before I stop. Memories from last night surface and I recall sitting up in bed picking popcorn out of my bra.

Dan is wearing elastic-waist pajamas. I can see the edge of his boxer-briefs peeking out of the top but their waistline is much the same scenario. Everything has been so relaxed today. He’s perfectly content—humming to himself!—while he finishes scrubbing the sink. He would never see it coming.

I pad softly across the linoleum, careful not to make a sound. The glass of ice waits poised in my hand. Dan finishes rinsing the sponge. In one fell swoop I wrench back a handful of pajama-and-boxer and let loose a frozen torrent.

Dan jumps, surprised, but he’s still reacting more to the grabbing than anything. While he knows something has happened, he doesn’t yet know what.

I can’t contain my devious grin while he searches my face. Then—there it is. A yelp, a jump, a shake. Cube after freezing cube tumbles from his pant legs. More yet are trapped inside his underwear. He hops from foot to foot and tries to push them out. Then he changes strategy.

“You little—”

“No!” I squeal, giggling wildly, and tear out of the kitchen.

I circle the table and he pauses just across its diameter. I try to feint left. He jerks then corrects his course and lunges. I backtrack.

We’re stuck in a dead heat. A draw. One of us will have to make a break for it.

Throwing caution into the wind, I take off away from the table and leap over the couch. He struggles to follow my maneuver. Probably something to do with the glassful of ice melting in his underwear. I can’t stop shrieking like a child and waving my hands like an idiot. If I don’t make it to my room, he’s going to tickle the fuck out of me.

My heart leaps as I crash through my door and tug it closed behind me. It stops short of snapping shut. One tattooed arm pries it open.

I jump back and seize a pillow from my bed like a shield. “No!”

Then the tickle-fingers. Just the sight of them breaks something inside me and I start laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Once, twice, three times I whack him with my pillow. He yanks it away and I trip backward onto my bed.

We land hard and he quickly takes both the figurative and literal upper hand. One knee wedges between my legs to keep me from kicking. His hands snatch my wrists in turn, pinning them above my head.

Dead heat. Stalemate. My armpits are terribly exposed but he can’t tickle me as long as he’s holding me down. My chest rises and falls as fast as my heartbeat. Desperate laughs push through my tight-pressed lips.

This close, his face a spare few inches from mine, I notice a field of freckles for the very first time. Light, almost invisible, they dust his nose and cheeks. Freckles don’t seem like something Dan should have.

The lunatic laughter dies in my throat but my chest still rises and falls. A muscle in his jaw works. Green eyes dart rapidly between mine, thinking. About what, I’m not sure.

When we landed, his chest pressed down against mine. Now I feel his thin, worn sleeping t-shirt against my thin, worn sleeping t-shirt. No bra in between. On either side, only skin.

His hands, coiled around my wrists. My breasts, curving against his chest. Our lips, inches apart. This is starting to look like…something.

Our eyes stay locked. The longer we remain like this, the more the next movement matters. The stakes are shooting up. Maybe, if I could move, I could just tickle him back…

His knee shifts a fraction, hardly anything at all. Or maybe I imagined it. A rush of heat flows between my legs—so strong and so sudden I’m sure he could feel it. The fabric is so thin it might as well be bare skin. Goosebumps erupt down my arms. My nipples pull to points against him. He must feel them too.

I’ve been staring into his eyes so long…however long this has been—an infinity— and I mark their swift change. Something has happened there. Some choice, some determination…

Some noise rises from my throat. I’m not even sure if it was a sound or just a feeling, but I sense how it changed me. The space between us starts to close.


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Sneak Peek: Tequila Sunrise by Layla Reyne


This gender-flipped take on the modern holiday classic, “Die Hard,” is full of action, heart and laughter, as Mel and Danny’s romance shines and the Agents Irish and Whiskey team race to save the day.


Danny finished knotting his bowtie and snagged his phone off the desk. Dark still. No more texts from Mel. He hit the call button. Straight to voicemail—not Mel’s recorded voice—automated instead, reciting a random number generated by Jamie’s embedded kill switch.

He turned the device end-over-end in his hand, giving himself reasons not to worry. Mel was on US soil, the most dangerous part of her job done. She had all the necessary paperwork and permits, never leaving for any gig without them. She could out-interrogate anyone, especially a couple of customs agents. She’d serve them their balls for dinner, and if things got physical, he had no doubt about her combat skills. He’d witnessed her take down multiple mercenaries at once, single-handed, without ever drawing a gun.

But the fact she’d activated the kill switch, the fact she’d had him phone Nic Price at the US Attorney’s office, and the fact that sixty minutes had turned into ninety and now bordered on one-twenty, meant he was worried, regardless of all the reasons not to be.

This had to be karma, retribution for sleeping his way through his teens and twenties. Don Juan Danny, Mel had once called him. Then of course he’d fallen for her, the resident badass who could break his neck as easily as she could break his heart. Which almost happened last spring when she’d nearly died, twice.

He could still remember her unconscious form, thrown against the wall and hair singed off by an explosion. And not twelve hours later, her blood, her life, pooling under his hand and staining her white sweater, bleeding out from the gunshot wound she’d taken to save his brother and their niece.

Miraculously, she’d pulled through, both times, and so had they, but Mel refused to be caged, and Danny knew they’d never last if he tried to put her in one. Granted, he got a stomach ulcer for it, no matter how calm he seemed on the outside, but if that was the price he had to pay for being with her, so be it. Having come close to losing that love, to losing her, he didn’t want to experience that awful feeling again for many, many years.

Years. They’d have years together, a lifetime, he reassured himself…

About the book:

 True love perseveres in this Agents Irish and Whiskey spin-off novella from author Layla Reyne

Former FBI agent Melissa “Mel” Cruz spent years skirting the line between life and death, knowing the next assignment might be her last. Back from overseas and eager to enjoy life outside the Bureau, she’s ready to give Danny Talley a Christmas Eve he’ll never forget.

A proved asset in high-stakes missions, Danny’s known for having the skill and brains to get the job done. When the Talley flagship is hijacked during the company holiday party, he’ll do anything to save his family, his love and everything they’ve all worked so hard to build. But their enemies have a secondary protocol—leave no survivors—and that plan is already in play.

Navigating through a tangled web of lies and betrayal, Mel and Danny race against the clock to retake the ship before their future goes up in flames. As the seconds tick down, they’re forced to face their greatest fear—losing each other.

About Layla Reyne:

Layla Reyne PhotoAuthor Layla Reyne was raised in North Carolina and now calls San Francisco home. She enjoys weaving her bi-coastal experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline-fueled suspense and heart pounding romance. When she’s not writing stories to excite her readers, she downloads too many books, watches too much television, and cooks too much food with her scientist husband, much to the delight of their smushed-face, leftover-loving dogs.

Connect with Layla: Author Site | Twitter | FB | FB Group | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Goodreads | Newsletter

Tell Me by Abigail Strom

coverBook: Tell Me

Series: Tell Me #1

Author: Abigail Strom

Release date: 1 October 2017

Main characters: Jane Finch, bookshop owner and daydreamer, Caleb Bryce, her sister’s business partner and friend.


Shy bookstore owner Jane Finch grew up hiding in the margins of her own life while her vibrant, adventure-loving sister, Samantha, dominated every plotline. She’s made peace with it, unlike Sam’s business partner, Caleb, who’s always nudging Jane to go after what she really wants. Why should she care what blunt, brash Caleb thinks? They’ve never had much in common, except for Sam.

After tragedy strikes, they don’t even have that.

Caleb can’t quite remember when Sam’s little sister stopped being like a surrogate sibling to him and became just…Jane. She’s the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, and so much sexier and stronger than she thinks. On the emotional journey to honor Sam’s memory, the spark they’ve tried to deny becomes an inferno. This journey was meant to be an ending, but will they discover an unexpected new beginning?

Why you should read it: This is my first Abigail Strom read and I don’t think it’ll be my last. It was funny, it was sad and then it was uplifting. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Jane and Caleb – their sparring and their genuine friendship made engaging reading. I also loved the references to Anne of Green Gables – which made me want to visit Prince Edward Island immediately! The pacing of the book was great – it didn’t feel rushed and it didn’t drag. It was a multi-faceted story and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What you may not enjoy: it was sweet and sexy and also intelligent – not a whole lot to hate on, so go for it! Caleb can be a bit in your face, but it’s not annoying really, and he soon does what’s necessary to win his woman!

Rating: 4/5 – a must read for fans of Anne Shirley, romance or L.M. Montgomery!


Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams

35517072Book: Exes With Benefits

Author: Nicole Williams

Release date: 18 September 2017

Main characters: Canaan Ford, original bad boy and apparently reformed character. Maggie Church, estranged wife, determined to get a divorce and get on with life- without Canaan.


The only benefit I want from my ex is a divorce.

We got married for all the wrong reasons. The one thing we got right was our separation. I should have known better than to think I could bet on forever with a guy like Canaan Ford. Everything about him screamed impermanent, from his wild eyes to his restless soul.

When I left him and the small town I’d spent my whole life in, I swore I’d never go back. Never only turned out to be five years. Canaan claims he’s changed, but he hasn’t—same knowing smile, same rough demeanor, same body crafted from sin and sinew. And yet, something is different. He thinks this is his chance for redemption. My disagreement comes in the form of divorce papers dropped in his lap. He refuses to sign them. Unless . . .

He wants a month to prove himself to me—that’s his offer. One month to make me fall in love with him again and if I don’t, he’ll sign the papers. As much as I want to say no, I agree. I can suffer my ex for a short amount of time if that’s what it takes to be free of him once and for all. I fell for him once; I won’t make that same mistake twice.

He says we’re not over. I say we were over before we got started. Only one of us can be right, and I can’t let it be him.

Why you should read it: This was an ultra-sweet, ultra-entertaining read. It’s going to garner comparisons to Sweet Home Alabama – as there are many parallels. The heroine living in the big city has to return to her small town, in order to get a divorce from her childhood sweetheart. It was heartwarming and the banter between Maggie and Canaan was sharp, witty and sexy. Canaan is hard to dislike – he’s sexy, straightforward and focused on getting Maggie back. Maggie is confused and she has a right to be – she’s pretty much alone in the world and dealing with an ex is the last thing she wants to be doing. She has some secrets of her own and gets herself in a real muddle, but it adds to the fun of the story – and thankfully she didn’t frustrate me too much!

What you may not like: Not much – it’s an easy read and a lighthearted one in some respects – heavy on the pathos in others. It’s sweet, it’s sad and it’s sexy. Not too sexy though, it’s more romance than hardcore erotica!

Rating: 3.5/5 for a lovely, diverting read. I’m not a massive fan of second-chance romances but this one made me smile.


Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

IMG_3639Book: Act Your Age

Author: Eve Dangerfield

Series: Act Your Age #1

Releasedate: 27 September 2017

Main characters: Kate McGrath, sweet exterior, complex interior. Tyler Henderson, boss in every way with a kink he thinks no-one will ever understand.

Plot: Kate McGrath is a young, ambitious engineer who has a huge crush on her boss, Tyler Henderson. She’s convinced he hates her and she can’t discern why. But that doesn’t stop him featuring highly in her fantasies. Her very particular fantasies.

Tyler Henderson is off love and relationships – he was burned recently and isn’t in the market for a repeat. The constant presence of Katie at work makes him tense – he can’t stand her sunny disposition. It makes him wants thinks he shouldn’t. But when she looks at him a certain way, he can’t help the direction his thoughts take.

When it becomes clear they share some of the same sexual kinks, so begins an intense affair. Will Tyler be able to keep Katie at arms distance and will that be enough for Kate now that she’s found her ‘daddy’?

Why you should read it: I was quite ambivalent about reading this book – read the blurb and you’ll see why.

I’ve been quite vague about the ins and outs of the story, as I don’t want to lead you into any preconceived ideas. My curiosity won out and I discovered a complex tale about desire and how people with particular kinks navigate life – whether they can find self-acceptance and live life to the fullest, or they are full of self-loathing and never feel comfortable in their own skin. It was enlightening, entertaining and also pretty hardcore in places. It’s not a fluffy book. Kate isn’t your typical heroine – I don’t think I’ve read a romance that involved a heroine with ADHD and other challenges. It was refreshing and inclusive.

Considering Ty was older (but definitely not wiser) he was a bit of a moron at times! He was pretty closed off for a great deal of the book, but it was good to see him finally get his head out of his ass and embrace his feelings.

What you may struggle with: Well, as I said, I didn’t think I’d particularly enjoy a book featuring a daddy kink. Not something that turns my crank, but I think I was a very hasty in dismissing it initially.  It’s smart, crass, enlightening and made me a little less judgey by the end of it.

Rating: 4/5 for all the reasons stated above. It’ll challenge and titillate you in equal measure.

Drawn to Him – a collection

drawn to him ebook coverBook: Drawn to Him

Series: An anthology

Genre: A collection of alpha short stories

Authors: KL Krieg, Willow Winters, LJ Shen, K Webster, Isabella Starling, Jade West, A Zavarelli, M Never

Release date: 19 September 2017




There are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind. They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look. You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that.

Handsome, confident and all for you.

DRAWN TO HIM is a collection of eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas you can’t resist, complete with HEAs. They have all the book feels and angst you’ve been wanting.

Why you should read it: Well, do you like an alpha? An alpha who’s hellbent on having his lady at all costs? Well, this collection has 8 to choose from! Featuring the talents of Jade West, KL Kreig, Willow Winters and many more authors, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s something for everyone. Some stories I liked more than others – One Night, by KL Kreig, among one of my favourites. In this particular story, we have the heroine – Saine, still hung up on her ex, forced to endure attending his wedding to someone else. Her meeting with a mysterious stranger is the kind of comfort she didn’t know she needed. Spooked by their intense night together, she steals away in the middle of the night, sad to leave but resolved that she’ll never see him again. Oh how wrong she is…

What you may not like: As with many collections or anthologies, the quality differs per story – I think for some authors, it may be harder to develop the characters so quickly, (within 8 or 9 chapters) while keeping the action moving at a steady pace. Some stories were cute, some a bit odd – with an over the top hero being a bit ridiculous and others were satisfying quick reads. Some had a hard edge to them – a violence that I wasn’t particularly a fan of, and a bit porny if I’m honest. However – I do believe there’s something for everyone.

Rating: As One Night was my favourite, I’ll give it 4/5. For the collection as a whole, it’s more like 3/5.

Drawn to Him Collection is LIVE!

ONLY 99c/£0.99!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2y3k4Yt

iTunes: http://bit.ly/DrawntoHim

Nook: http://bit.ly/2uGZYVA

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2tELRLt

Play On by Samantha Young – review and excerpt

Book: Play On

Author: Samantha Young

Series: standalone

Release date: 12 September 2017

Main characters: Nora O’Brien, Indiana native, living in Edinburgh, Aidan Lennox, musician and composer who throws Nora’s life into a tailspin.


Nora leaped at the chance to leave her small and sad life Indiana. It may or may not have been for he right reasons, but here she is. Unfortunately her new life in Edinburgh isn’t without its struggles either. 

When she makes friends with a little girl at the hospital where she volunteers, she also meets the uncle. Aidan Lennox. They’ve crossed paths before and she is just as troubled by him as she was the first time. He seems to want to know what makes her tick. Nora has been keeping people at bay for years and is not about to let her guard down now.

After a series of painful events, Nora is again alone, and Aidan is gone. Deciding that it’s time to finally get her life back on track, she makes inroads to fulfil her potential. Of course, when things are finally on an even keel, Aidan re-enters her life. And he’s not happy. In fact, if looks could kill, she’d be dead on sight. Her heart was broken but he’s looking at her like she’s the devil. What a mess…

Why you should read it: I love Samantha Young. Her books are fresh, thoughtful and packed full of pathos and passion. (I’m feeling the alliteration a hope you are too!) This book was no exception. Nora is young and cast adrift at an early age and basically left to get on with life. Despite this, she was a lovely (if fearful) character. She did her best to be of help to others and tried hard not to dwell on the failings in her life. Aidan was her complete opposite – older and more reassured in his success, he bolstered her until he disappeared. He’s also a bit of a lug head but I shan’t spoil it for you. Read to find out why! The chemistry in the book was believable and incredibly hot. There are obstacles for the pair, but I really enjoyed the pace of the book, so it didn’t frustrate me too much.

What you may not like: Not much – it was a well-structured story that made me smile and made me sad in equal measure. Perhaps Nora was a little too in her head at times, but considering what she’s been through, it’s no surprise. I hope you can understand dialogue written in the Scots vernacular! I loved it – it gave it an authenticity and didn’t distract me at all. It made the voices that much more vivid.

Rating: 5/5 for a truly enjoyable read. I love anything set in Edinburgh. It’s one of my favourite cities. Read on for an excerpt…

…that night as I tried to sleep, I couldn’t for worrying about how vulnerable I really had made myself to a man I didn’t really know. When I was with him, those fears drifted away, but being alone and having time to think about it brought them all back. 

And yet … there wasn’t only the fear. There was relief.

Relief I never expected to feel.

I’d spewed out all the ugliness I’d ever committed and he didn’t run away. He held me and comforted me and looked at me like I wasn’t a bad person after all.

My attachment to him was deepening, as my attachment to Sylvie had. And that, I knew, was incredibly dangerous. Just as my attachment to the kids at the hospital, some of whom were terminal. Spending time with them was, at best, an act of kindness, at worst, an act of self-flagellation.

But to let myself fall for Aidan Lennox when he himself was at his most vulnerable was masochistic. He was a man with a huge life beyond me, and as soon as he stopped feeling so haunted, so alone, surely little Nora O’Brien from Nowhere, Indiana, would be left behind.

As if my thoughts had conjured him, the door to the shop opened, drawing me up off the counter. My heart beat faster as Aidan walked in. He closed the door behind him and stared across the shop at me.

And I knew that my self-flagellation wasn’t over.

I couldn’t run away from him.

I didn’t want to.

Drawn to him in a way I couldn’t explain, I walked slowly toward him, and he to me. We met in the middle of the shop. As soon as I was within touching distance, he put his hand on my waist to draw me even closer. My breath caught as our eyes locked and it took me a second or two to find the ability to ask, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you. Make sure you’re okay.”

I rested my hand on his arm, the one that held me close, and nodded. “I think so.”

He frowned, reaching up with his free hand to brush his thumb over my cheek in that way that made my knees tremble. “I couldn’t sleep last night for worrying about you.”

And I saw it. What I’d been trying so hard not to see.

I saw that he wanted me … like I wanted him.

I was at war with myself, thinking he should probably leave but wanting him to stay. More than anything I didn’t want to hurt him. Again.

However, maybe friendship was the key. We could be there for each other without turning it into something that would be incredibly painful when it was inevitably over. Friendship, I could survive. We both could.

“Aidan, I—”

“Ah, good the shop isn’t on fire.” My boss’s voice broke the moment as she strode in.

Aidan’s eyebrows were drawn together, as if he knew I was in a battle with myself and the side he wanted to lose was winning.

“Oh, hello.” Leah stopped beside us and I gently extricated myself from Aidan’s grasp. I scowled when I saw my boss’s eyes running over him hungrily. I felt sorry for her fiancé. “I’m Nora’s boss—Leah.” She held out a hand, grinning flirtatiously. “Are you the man with the delicious voice from the other week there?”

Aidan shot me a scowl. “No, I’m not.”

Thank you, Leah. “That was Roddy.” I looked up at Aidan. “Jim’s best friend.”

Before he could react, Leah gave a huff of laughter. “Who knew you were hiding all these gorgeous men, Nora.” She wagged her finger at me like I’d been naughty and then turned back to Aidan. “I didn’t quite catch your name.”

“Aidan.” He gave her a curt nod and stepped back, his eyes falling on me. “This isn’t over, Pixie.”

His determined expression froze me in place as I continued to fight with myself and what I wanted. Because I swear to God, every time that man called me Pixie, I wanted to show him just how naughty I could be.

Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay

LWARBook: Love Will Always Remember

Series: Shades of Love #3

Author: Tracey Livesay

Release date: 29 August 2017

Main characters: Leighton Clarke, DC Lobbyist on the fast track to success. Jonathan Moran, celebrated chef and soon-to-be brother-in-law to Leighton.

Plot: Leighton Clarke’s career is entering the stratosphere. The daughter of powerful political parents, she’s making her name as a lobbyist and is about to marry and become part of her own  power couple. It’s just a shame that she’s attracted to his brother…

Jonathan Moran is a successful chef in his own right and is in DC to open a new restaurant as well as rebuild bridges with his family. This includes his iceberg of a brother, Thomas. Things are about to get even more complicated when he sees Leighton again and an accident leaves Leighton with no memory and a lie that thrusts them together. Jonathan will have to choose between family obligations and true love…

Why you should read it: I love this series – it’s full of interesting characters and this one was no exception. Leighton has been hurt and disillusioned in the past and has now embraced a future that guarantees a minimum of personal pain, but at what cost? The amnesia trope can be a bit hit-and-miss in some romances, but it’s one I love when done well. I really enjoyed the story’s evolution. Jonathan is such a sweetheart and a  complete romantic. Without being too mushy!

What you may not like: Leighton’s personality at first comes across as haughty and cold – you may not like her – I don’t think you’re supposed to. There are reasons for her surliness and it’s interesting to find out how she’s reached this point, as it soon becomes apparent she wasn’t always so self-contained.

Rating: 4/5 for a truly entertaining and sexy as hell read. It was a thoughtful read too – sometimes family are the people who you choose, rather than the ones you’re born with…

Off Base by Annabeth Albert

Book: Off Base

Series: Out of Uniform #1

Author: Annabeth Albert

Main characters: Zach Nelson, Navy SEAL struggling to accept his sexuality. Pike Reynolds, a mutual friend who, beneath the cheery facade, just wants to love and be loved.


After trading the barracks for a fixer-upper rental, navy SEAL Zack Nelson wants peace, not a roommate—especially not Pike, who sees things about Zack he most wants to hide. Pike’s flirting puts virgin Zack on edge. And the questions Pike’s arrival would spark from Zack’s teammates about his own sexuality? Nope. Not going there. But Zack can’t refuse.

Pike Reynolds knows there won’t be a warm welcome in his new home. What can he say? He’s an acquired taste. But he needs this chance to get his life together. Also, teasing the uptight SEAL will be hella fun. Still, Pike has to tread carefully; he’s had his fill of tourists in the past, and he can’t risk his heart on another, not even one as hot, as built—and, okay, yeah, as adorable—as Zack.

Living with Pike crumbles Zack’s restraint and fuels his curiosity. He discovers how well they fit together in bed…in the shower…in the hallway… He needs Pike more than he could have imagined, yet he doesn’t know how to be the man Pike deserves.

Why you should read it: I’ve read this series completely out of sync, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Each book, (see On Point and At Attentionis a self-contained story featuring a different navy SEAL and the object of their affection. This book was probably the more angsty of the series as it dealt with a character not yet ready to deal with who he is. It was very poignant and also quite realistic in its depiction. Not everyone has the joyful coming out, it can get messy and loved ones can be alienated due to their own reasons. It was enjoyable and moving and I think is a good opener to the series. The chemistry between Pike and Zack grew slowly and I liked how they evolved from a timid friendship into more.

What you may not like: It is quite heavy in places – not going to lie, and the start was quite slow, but it soon picked up and became a story I grew to like more and more.

Rating: 3.5/5 for a thoughtful and absorbing read.

Author interview – Tracey Livesay’s Love Will Always Remember

Today sees the release of Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay, and I’m really excited about it as I’ve loved the series so far. (See reviews for Love on my Mind and Along Came Love.)


So, to celebrate this new release, I tracked down Ms Livesay to ask her a few questions…and she kindly answered!

Me: What made you start writing?

TLI’ve always written stories and like many romance writers, once I found romance books, I eventually tried to write my own. I still have that first story (I was 11 yrs old) and I take it out every now and then to read it… and I laugh! It’s so bad!! But that urge to write never went away. Over the years, I became an attorney, entered the work force, got married, had kids, decided to stay home with those kids… and during my infrequent quiet moments, I’d revisit the idea of writing, but I never followed through. By the time my youngest started kindergarten, I was ready. Instead of going back into the law, I followed my heart and I’ve never regretted that decision! 
Me: Your books are often categorised as  ‘interracial’ rather than simply contemporary romance – how do you feel about that? Are you ok with it or is it a bit reductive for authors?
TL: This question is so timely because I recently made the decision to drop the ‘interracial’ from my description, but not because I’m ashamed of it or am running away from it. In the beginning, I wanted to emphasize that aspect of my stories because major publishers were shying away them and I knew there was an audience for it. Hello! It was me. It was my life! But now it feels like that descriptor has turned into a genre. It’s not a genre; it’s one keyword to describe my stories. Whether or not an author chooses to describe their work as ‘interracial’ or ‘multicultural’ is a personal decision and I’m not passing judgement on it. Far from it. But I write contemporary romances where the heroes and heroines are different races. Their being different races is not the main concept or theme of my stories. 
Me: Any nuggets you’d like to share about the characters in Love Will Always Remember – inspiration, what you like most about them etc?
TL: It’s interesting to write a series, especially when you introduce characters in earlier books. I had to have an idea about Jonathan’s character when I wrote the first book, LOVE ON MY MIND. I knew I had to make him fun and easygoing because Adam and Mike are both so intense. There had to be someone in the group to balance them out or they’d be too broody. And I wasn’t interested in writing a book where all the men sat around seeing who could out-brood one another. LOL I had the idea about what Jonathan’s story would be while I was writing the second book, ALONG CAME LOVE. That’s why I introduced Leighton in that book, but only in one scene. Of course, that didn’t leave me much wiggle room when it came to this book, especially because there was something I really wanted to happen. (I have to be cryptic because it’s a surprise.) 
I love Jonathan and Leighton together. I like that they are both alphas, but in their own spheres. I’ve always wanted to write about a chef. I watch The Food Network and Top Chef and good-looking men who can cook are my kryptonite! Leighton is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s kicking ass & taking names and I wish I could be that bold and in charge!
Me: What, if anything can you tell us about your new projects once the Shades of Love series is complete?
TL: I’m currently writing the third book in my “IN LOVE WITH A TYCOON” series with Entangled Publishing.  I’m also prepping a book that would start another new series, but I can’t talk about that yet. 🙂
Me: Where do you look for your inspiration for your heroes and heroines who are always gorgeous, intelligent and complex?
TL: Thank you! LOL Hmm… Well, I work on my characters quite a bit in the beginning. I like to write character arcs, which means my characters have to start in one place and end in a totally different and better place. So its important to me to figure out the personal journeys the characters will go on, in addition to the love story. 
Physically, I cast my books before I write. I’ll “cruise” Google images and Pinterest to find people who match the description I have in my head. Once I have my couple, I’m able to start writing.
Thanks so much to Tracey for the interview during what must have been a busy promotional period. Love Will Always Remember is available from most retailers now.


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Author Tracey Livesay-hiresA former criminal defense attorney, Tracey finds crafting believable happily ever afters slightly more challenging than protecting our constitutional rights, but she’s never regretted following her heart instead of her law degree. She writes sexy and emotional contemporary interracial romances where strong, successful heroines find love with powerful, passionate heroes. She lives in Virginia with her husband—who she met on the very first day of law school–and their three children. She runs marathons and loves purses and TV (the shows on them, not the actual appliance). If you want to chat with her about them you can find her on social media.

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