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REVIEW: Violent Delights by Jessica Hawkins

ig-vide-portrait-cover_origBook: Violent Delights

Series: White Monarch #1

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Release date: 19 March 2019

Main characters: Natalia Lourdes King Cruz, beloved daughter of cartel kingpin Costa Cruz, who wants nothing to do with the life she was born into. Diego de la Rosa, advisor to Costa, in love with Natalia, but with secrets of his own. Cristiano de la Rosa, back from exile and ready to reclaim his rightful place.

Plot: Natalia Cruz loves her father dearly but is adamant that she does not want to live the life of cartel princess, where to be in danger is the daily reality. Instead, she has made a quiet life in California, studying and hoping that she and Diego can be together. Her childhood was marred by violence and grief and she is desperate to escape her nightmares. If Diego and she can be together, all will be right with the world. Fate has other ideas however, and Natalia may not have a choice about her future.

Cristiano de la Rosa has spent a long time away from the life he knew, but now he’s back. No longer a foot soldier, he is the epitome of power and chaos. His objective isn’t clear, but he’s back with scores to settle and an offer that nobody will be able to refuse…

Why you should read it: Oh boy! Jessica Hawkins has embarked on another epic trilogy that I think will drive us all crazy! This first book was a slow-burning, introduction to the world of  organised crime and life on the edge. Natalia is young and idealistic, eager to remove herself from a life of stress and danger. She believes all she needs is Diego’s love and life will be perfect. I have the feeling she’ll do a lot of growing up in this series. Much like Lake did in the Something in the Way series. There was plenty of slow-burning passion in this book – Diego loves Natalia and Natalia loves Diego. Simple, right? Hmmm, maybe, until Cristiano shows up. He’s older, crueller and everything Diego isn’t. What’s his agenda? We don’t quite know, but it’s clear there’s no love lost between he and Diego.

What you may not like: I don’t know how you feel about books set against an organised crime backdrop. I don’t read them often but I do like to dip my toe in every now and then. I enjoyed it thoroughly, it is fairly violent – and if that’s not your bag, fair enough. I don’t see it getting less violent as the series progresses to be honest, but it certainly wasn’t gratuitous. Warm and fuzzy it is not, but an engaging and exciting read it certainly is. I need more!

Rating: 4/5 for a really exciting start to the trilogy – not sure I can wait until June for part 2, but I shall try!



Blog tour: The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

IMG_4637Book: The Kiss Thief

Author: L.J. Shen

Series: a standalone

Release date: 9th January 2019

Main characters: Francesca Rossi, a mob princess used as a political pawn by the men in her life. Wolfe Keaton, a senator and perhaps the devil himself. Angelo Badini, the man who hopes to make Francesca his wife.



They say your first kiss should be earned.

Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky.

They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred.

Mine were broken before we left church.

They say your heart only beats for one man.

Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end.

I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit.

Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage.

They say that all great love stories have a happy ending.

I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter.

One kiss.
Two men.
Three lives.
Entwined together.

And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.

Why you should read it: Oh my! Where to start? I’m a fairly recent fan of LJ Shen, so there’s a ton of books of hers that I’ve yet to read. I’ve read Dirty Headlines, Sparrow – which I adored, and now The Kiss Thief. The latter book reminds me in many ways of Sparrow – we have a spunky young heroine who finds herself in an impossible situation, due to the machinations of the men in her life. The lack of control over their own lives and the adversity both Sparrow and Francesca have to face, spoke to me and kept me reading. The anti-heroes of both books had similar character evolutions too – at first they’re surly, verging on sadistic, but little-by-little, they learn to let their guards down and show a more humane side towards the object of their desire.

The Kiss Thief is full of action, suspense and twisted sexual desire. You’ll either love it or hate it. The male characters in LJ’s back catalogue are not loveable rogues – they’re difficult, cruel but always redeemable.

What you may not like: It really depends on what you like a) in a romance and b) in a hero. As mentioned before, it you don’t like twisted, then you may struggle with this warped fairy tale. I found it engaging and thoroughly enjoyed it, however, there was a plot line towards the end which suddenly made Francesca, a hitherto sorted and sensible character (despite her age) act completely out of character. Her actions were stupid and seemed to have been engineered to cause drama. Despite this, I loved the story and couldn’t put the book down.

Rating: 4/5 for a truly heart-stoppingly good read. It was sexy, wrong in many ways, right in others! I would highly recommend it.


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Blog tour: The Evolution of Man by Skye Warren

unnamedBook: The Evolution of Man

Series: Trust Fund #2

Author: Skye Warren

Release date: 25 September 2018

Main characters: Harper St Claire, Sutton Mayfair, Christopher Bardot.



Harper has a fight on her hands. She desperately wants to save the town’s half-demolished library and her mother from failing health in equal measures. If only her former stepbrother and the love of her life would get out of her way so she could achieve her goals.

Bound to two men in an obsessive game of cat and mouse, Harper is both prey and predator who must gain the upper hand if she doesn’t want to lose it all.

She has control of her trust fund at long last, but she soon finds that none of her problems can be solved with money…

Why you should read it: After having read Survival of the Richest I was very excited to begin The Evolution of Man. This author always has delivered in the past so I was prepared for a well-rounded story and also some dark, erotic romance. So, did it deliver? It’s sometimes hard to tell how a final published book will pan out from an uncorrected arc. The version I received gave a good indication of what the final version would be like. The plot, the evolving story and the character development were all there. The interactions between Harper and Sutton, Harper and Christopher are tense, twisted and very sexy – the chemistry picks up where we left it in book 1. On the sexy times front, I have no complaints!

What you may not like: Harper is a heroine with a lot to deal with. Her mother is terminally ill, she’s stuck in a ménage à  trois with two emotionally unavailable men. Therefore, I had plenty of sympathy for her. However, in numerous parts of the book she verged on whiny to the point that if she mentioned saving the library one more time I was going to throw my Kindle away! Also, she was immaturely stubborn when it came to her personal safety. At times, she behaved like a 12 year old. Her internal monologue was repetitive and the plot stalled for quite a while.

The book’s pacing was also a problem for me. For chapters and chapters, Harper was struggling to decide what she wanted from life, then suddenly towards the end of the book it was all wrapped up with no explanation of how we got to this point. I wanted to know what happened to both of her suitors. And I’m very disappointed that this did not happen. (I’ll have to read bonus content at a later date to get this information.) It felt rushed, it felt unfinished and it felt inconsistent. I’m really sad about this as I mentioned before, this is one of my favourite authors and she delivers again and again. Perhaps I had unfair and unattainable expectations – that’s on me.

Rating: It was too choppy (plot-wise) for my liking – I couldn’t keep up with the changes in mood of each character and was confused by the back and forth to be honest. For this reason I’m giving it somewhere between 2.5 and 3/5.


Cover reveal: Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren


Hi! I’m super excited to share this cover and blurb with you! Just the other day I put out a request for a book with a good love triangle at the centre. It’s like the romance gods heard my cry!

Survival of the Richest, an all-new emotional and romantic standalone from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren, is coming June 12th!

A woman gazes at the camera. She is dressed in red underwear

Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren

Publishing date: June 12th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A Park Avenue princess…

My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan’s harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy, the son of my mother’s latest husband. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him most.

This tale begins with a fall, but it doesn’t end there.

Because another man wants me.

Sutton wants to consume me with a passion more feral than kind. In the lush emotional wilderness I’m not sure I want Christopher to save me this time…

Or if there will be anything left if he tries.

SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST is a book about finding your soul’s desire, even if the search leads you places you never expect. A woman torn between two men. An impossible choice. And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield – the heart.

Preorder Today!

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About Skye:

90D0D466-92A0-4991-8681-29BFABAF8BA3Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance such as the Endgame trilogy. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

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Loving Jade by Roya Carmen


Book: Loving Jade

Series: Riverstone Estate #3

Author: Roya Carmen

Release date: 25 May 2017

Main characters: Jade Williams, ‘trophy’ wife who’s running from her abusive husband. Flynn Riverstone, equine therapist and then man who’s determined to be there for Jade.

Plot: Jade Williams is married to the man of her dreams. He treats her like a princess, he’s always been there for her. But…after his casual violence becomes too much for her to explain away, Jade flees and seeks refuge at the Riverstone estate.

Flynn Riverstone is dedicated to his job and helping re-build his patients’ confidence. The moment he sees Jade he knows he can help her. Under the fancy façade, it’s clear Jade is wounded and he is determined to learn her secrets.

Flynn’s feelings for Jade could compromise his professional life, but he’s never felt what he feels for Jade before. If she feels the same, he’ll find a way for them to be together…let the chips fall as they may.

Why you should read it: This is a strong series – my favourite story so far is Loving Ruby. This is a continuation and a great opportunity to find out more about Flynn, the enigmatic older Riverstone sibling.

What you may not like: Ok. Not going to lie. I didn’t love this book. Why? Well, the relationship between Flynn and Jade was too insta-love for my liking. Considering the situation she’s trying to extricate herself from, it seemed a bit weird that she was so ready to launch into another (albeit healthier) relationship with Flynn. Flynn, one minute is judging Jade on appearances, then the next, he’s apparently smitten. I didn’t feel the chemistry between them at all. I read the words, and they were good words, but I didn’t feel it.

Rating: 3/5 for an ok read. I have loved every book by Roya Carmen so far, so maybe my expectations were a little too high for this one. It didn’t captivate me I’m afraid.


She’s all settled in and it’s that time – time to say goodbye. Damn, I’m going to miss her. I know I’ll be back, but I don’t want to be away from her, even for a single day. Her beautiful green eyes are wet when she looks up me, silently begging me not to go. “Can you stay for another fifteen minutes?” she asks sweetly.
“Yes,” I say, curious. What in the heavens can we do with fifteen minutes – the possibilities are endless.
“I want you,” she says quietly and I get hard instantly at the sound of those three little words. I’ve been waiting for her to ask. I didn’t want to push her after all she’s been through recently, but it’s been days since we’ve made love – it’s all I’ve been thinking about.
I pull her face to mine, and my mouth crashes into hers, hungry. My hands are greedy too, starved for her skin. She drives me wild when the sexiest moan escapes her throat as she presses her small body against mine. I grab the underside of her thigh and hike her up over my hips. She wraps her legs around me and I prop her down on the desk, the desk with the notepad, pen and Bible on it. I swipe all of it off and it falls to the floor in a mess.
She pulls at my shirt, desperate to take it off. I peel it over my shoulders and I’m bare for her. “Fuck, Flynn,” she whispers and trails her hands along the edges of the bruises covering my torso. Then, she kisses them softly. I pull her face to mine again – I miss those sweet lips. “You want it slow and soft on the bed, or right here on the desk?”
She licks her lip playfully. “On the desk.”

Somebody Else’s Sky by Jessica Hawkins

Book: Somebody Else’s Sky

Series: Something in the Way #2

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Release date: 22 May 2017

Main characters: Lake Kaplan, Tiffany Kaplan and Manning Sutter.


If I closed my eyes, I could still see them—all blonde sunshine, ocean-blue eyes, and long limbs. The glint of Lake’s gold bracelet. Pink cotton candy on Tiffany’s tongue. My scenery may have changed from heaven to hell, but some things never would: my struggle to do right by both sisters. To let Lake soar. To lift Tiffany up. The sacrifices I made for them, I made willingly.

A better man would’ve walked away by now, but I never claimed to be any good. I only promised myself I’d keep enough distance. If I’d learned one thing from my past, it was that love came in different forms. You could love passionately, hurt deep, die young. Or you could provide the kind of firm, steady support someone else could lean on.

Lake was everything I wanted, and nothing I could ever have. I was nobody before I knew her and a criminal after. The way to love her was to let her shine—even if it would be for somebody else.


Why you should read it: This is the follow up book to Something in the Way, and it’s more angsty, more emotional and more dramatic. Everyone wants to be happy, but it’s clear that someone’s about to get very hurt. As ever, Jessica Hawkins’ writing draws you in and engages you – even if you don’t like what the characters are doing! In this book, we get to know Manning in more depth, how he feels and how his back story has affected him.  We get to know Lake more too – and how she’s developed over the last two years.

What you may not like: Ok. A couple of things – and I may be in the minority here. I didn’t like Manning – at all. He’s been through hell but really his relationships with both Lake and Tiffany are CLEARLY going to cause huge divisions. He made his decision – and I agreed with his reasoning but then he kept acting as though he was Lake’s dad time and time again – he needed to back off! Then there’s Lake – I know we all think we’re grown up at 17 and all, but she is so young. So childish and selfish, as only adolescents can be. She annoyed the hell out of me. Her lack of family loyalty was also very surprising. The only character I really ‘liked’ (or disliked the least) was Tiffany. Why? Because she’s the only one who was honest about her intentions. She’s self-serving in some ways but honestly, she was refreshing!

Rating: 3/5 for a turbulent and make-you-scream-at-your-kindle kind of a read. I am looking forward to seeing how this shitstorm can possibly sort itself out in Move The Stars, which is out in October 2017.

Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins

Slip of the Tongue Ebook Cover

Book: Slip of the Tongue

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Release date: 25th February, 2016

Review by: Onni

Basic story
: Sadie Hunt has everything. Great job, even better husband. Nathan would do anything for Sadie – has done since the day they met. Their marriage is picture perfect. They’re the envy of all their friends. So the day he stops noticing her shakes Sadie to her core. He’s stressed, his father is ill. There are reasons for his distance. But when he stops confiding in her and stops communicating altogether – Sadie is lost. Where is her Nathan and more importantly, will he come back?

When the days turn into weeks and the distance steadily grows, Sadie takes comfort in talking to her new neighbour Finn. He’s open, funny and makes it clear he’s open to more than just friendship. Feeling abandoned and alone, Sadie doesn’t know which way to turn. Is her marriage beyond repair and does her future lie with Finn?

Why you should read it: Ok, so if you know me you’ll know that I love Jess Hawkins. However, I still like to think that I can be impartial when writing my reviews (see past posts on the Cityscape series and Night Fever). When I picked up  Slip of the Tongue, I was in the mood to get my emotions churned up and for full pelt angst. This is a look at the breakdown of a relationship and its aftermath. There’s internal dialogue, there’s bad decisions and there’s plenty of soul-searching. I really enjoyed the ride and I think you’ll be kept guessing. Sadie is complex, some might say spoilt – but her journey throughout the book is very interesting. She believes everything in her world is perfect until literally one day, she wakes up and it’s not. She’s not passive – she really does do her best to confront the situation. But she also fears the potential consequences of pushing too hard. Nathan is an interesting character too – what EXACTLY is happening in his head?

What you might hate: Don’t like love triangles? Infidelity? Yeah, well maybe not the book for you. Personally, if it’s infidelity of the fictional variety, I have no problem reading it! I didn’t agree with Sadie every step of the way, but she’s not 100% to blame for the way things end up. I think you may come out of this questioning who to root for.

Rating: 4/5 for a stomach-churning, all-night-reading, heart-stopping rollercoaster of a book. I look forward to more from Jessica in the coming months!

Enjoy the book trailer – if you doesn’t put you in the mood for drama, nothing will!


The Ground Rules Undone by Roya Carmen

Book: The Ground Rules Undone

Series: The Rule Breakers #3

Author: Roya Carmen

Release date: 23rd February, 2016

Review by: Onnica

**Contains spoilers so if you haven’t read books 1 & 2, proceed with caution!**

“My heart sinks at the realization that I’ll never truly be free from him. He’ll never let me go. And the worst part is, I can see he wants to. He wants to not love me.”

Basic story: Mirella is still reeling from the news of her pregnancy. Hoping it will all go away, she carries on as best she can, trying to work up the courage to tell not only Gabe, her husband, but also Weston, her former lover. She’s convinced she will lose Gabe when he finds out, so she’s desperate to preserve their idyll a while longer. As times ticks by, she’s no closer to telling either man in her life. Gabe is convinced now they have split from Bridget and Weston that they can finally move on, maybe relocating elsewhere. Mirella is still torn but realises the truth can’t stay hidden for long.

With the support of her best friend Gwen, Mirella finally finds the courage to tell the truth. Nothing can prepare her for the fallout – the prospect of facing a future without Gabe nearly sends her into meltdown. And what about Weston? Will he despise her or blame her for their impossible situation?

Why you should read it: This is the big finale, the conclusion to what has been a tremendous series. Will they, won’t they? If you loved books 1 and 2, you won’t want to miss it. The angst levels are off the charts. Everybody’s gone crazy and you’ll be surprised along the way. You think you know these characters, but do you? Gabe is front and centre of the action in this book and it was good to see his character in more depth. Weston, what can I say about Weston? It’s ‘interesting’ to see how he deals with the unexpected in this book, too.

What you may not like: I’ve been with Mirella all the way from the start of book one, but for the first quarter of the book I wanted to shake her for her inertia and cowardice. Her dependence on Gwen was total and I wanted to shout – sort your s**t out! She’s all over the place and still doesn’t seem to know what she wants. However, once things come to a head (and boy, do they) I was once again sympathetic to her situation. She does try to do the right thing and dealing with Weston (who’s bordering on crazy) as best she can.

Rating: after all the angst, the sexiness and all the pleasure these characters have brought me, I give it 4/5. The ending was bittersweet, but honestly, it couldn’t have ended any other way. It was a very intense read and I’m convinced they could all do with some therapy! Thank you Roya for taking us on such a thrilling ride. I enjoyed EVERY moment.


He stood back up to his full height, and leaned into me, tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, the gesture so gentle, but in contrast, his words were harsh. “This didn’t mean anything,” he said, his eyes dark, as black as coal. And I knew this wasn’t him speaking. This was the man he became when
he was angry. But still, the words still cut deep.
“This doesn’t change a thing,” he went on with that same dark blank expression. “We’re still done, Mirella.”TGRpromospot4b
“How can you say that?” I asked, my words pleading. “We just made love.”
He jerked back. “That was just sex, Mirella,” he scoffed. “You made me hard. I wanted to fuck you…get one last taste of you. That’s all it was.” And with a turn of the handle, he added, “I’m sorry if you thought it was more.”
His words hit hard, a sharp blow to my stomach. But I wasn’t done fighting for us. I reached for the handle, my hand pressed hard over his and I slammed the door shut. “You’re lying. You’re being hurtful on purpose.” After all these years, I couldn’t believe he didn’t realize how well I know him. “You’re still mad at me,” I pointed out, not letting it go.
He wiped the heel of his hand against his forehead and grabbed a fistful of his hair. “You’re fucking right, I’m still mad,” he growled. “But I’m angry at myself more than I am at you right now.”
I pressed my hand against his stomach. “Why?”
He grabbed a hard hold of my wrist and pulled my hand away. “Because you do this to me and I can’t just turn my back and move on.” His beautiful eyes almost did me in, there was so much emotion in them.
“I can’t turn my back on you and the girls. And I still want you. I still want to fuck you… and you,” he added, not quite looking at me. “You know this. And you took advantage.”
He was right. I did. I knew he wanted me. And I took advantage of a moment of weakness. I spotted it, pounced and dug my teeth in. But I wanted him just as much as he did me.
“I’m sorry,” I told him. I knew it wasn’t much, but I was at a loss for words. My eyes were drowning in tears as I pressed my hand against him again. “I just miss you so much, Gabe. I wanted to be close to you again.”
He tore himself from me. “I should go.”

Excerpt reveal – Roya Carmen’s The Ground Rules: Undone

Hey everyone! Release day is drawing closer – but for those of you who can’t wait to see what The Ground Rules Undone is all about – check out the blurb and an excerpt below!

The Ground teaserRules were impossible to follow. It was hard not to become completely consumed by the beautiful and enigmatic Weston Hanson. The heart of a romantic was not fit for this kind of exchange. So, when it ended, I was shattered, but it was all for the better…or so we thought.

The Ground Rules were rewritten, and then bent. We lied to ourselves. We told ourselves we could handle this. Not a single one of us realized just how big this was…just how devastating it could become.

And now, there are no Rules.

Lust… infatuation…blinds you. It can tear everything apart. But sometimes, life needs to be completely torn apart before it can be mended – not just cracked at the edges, but utterly shattered, before you can truly see the mess you’ve become.

I love them both, but I can’t have them both. While one pulls me in, the other pushes me away. And when both eventually open their hearts, I must make the hardest decision of my life.

And now there are no Rules. We are Undone.



Gabe takes my hand in his. “We’ve had a great week, haven’t we,” he says. “I’m so glad we did this.”
I swallow the lump in my throat. “Me too,” I say, looking up at him. I sit up and press myself close against the length of his body, smothering him. I want to get as close as I can. I press my lips against his.
The sound of his laughter vibrates against my mouth. “You’re a frisky little bunny this week,” he breathes. “I like it when you can’t get enough of me.”

My hands are already working the tie of his checkered lounging pants. “I want to make love tonight,” I whisper against his ear. And as I explore further, I see he’s already willing and able.
He toys with the thin strap of my silk nightie. “What the Mrs. Keates wants…she gets.”
He trails his finger along the embroidered flowers lining the neckline of my slip. “This is nice,” he whispers. “It’s almost a shame to take it off.”

I smile. “But I want you to.”

He drags his hand to the hem and slides it up against my thigh. “Me too. I absolutely want you naked,” he says with a cheeky smirk.
He pulls the nightie over my head. The sensation of the smooth silk is heavenly against my skin. He pulls me to him and takes my breast in his mouth. He’s gentle tonight. I feel my body warm at the feel of his wet tongue on me. I close my eyes and bury my face in his soft hair.
Familiarity is a wicked bitch –  it makes you forget what you really love. I’d forgotten how much I desire him. I’ve taken him for granted.

I had forgotten the feel of him, the soft curls wrapping around my fingers when I rake my hands through his hair, the soft hair on his forearms, the smoothness of his skin, the feel of his hips pressing against the inside of my thighs, the sheer size of him as his length fills me deep.
He pulls me under him in one swift move and stares straight into my eyes.

But he can’t see what’s really there – all the secrets I’ve hidden from him. I pull him close, not wanting to look into his eyes. His mouth tugs at my ear softly, his hands slide up my legs… he’s being playful. I take in every detail of him with my hands… of this last time.
He tugs my panties down and plants a kiss just above my hip bone, where his name is etched on my skin.
When he makes his way back up to me, I reach again for his pants and free him.
Tucked in under the cozy quilt, his naked body finally presses against mine.

He kisses me as he sinks into me gently. The old rustic wrought-iron bed clanks against the wall and squeaks, despite the fact that he’s being very gentle. We smile at the sound, his grin pressed against mine.
I relish the feel of him against me, and I try not to think too much. This might be our last time. After all these years, my soul mate and I might be torn apart. I can’t imagine not seeing him every day, not waking up next to him, not being able to joke around with him like we do so often, and not being able to play…
I push his body away from mine gently, my hand pressed on his stomach. “I want to see you.” I want to see his beautiful body pressing against me. The contrast of his ink-covered dark olive skin against my ivory snow white flesh is so erotic.
I take a mental photograph of him, of every detail. Because I know this is the last time I’ll get a chance to appreciate this view.
He presses down against me again and stills. “I’m sorry…we need to stop,” he breathes against my ear. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight…you drive me crazy.”
“Please… don’t,” I breathe. I don’t need to climax. I don’t care about that tonight.

All I want is to make love to him one last time.

The Ground Rules Undone is out February 23rd. Buy links are below:

Amazon US    Amazon UK    Amazon CA

Other books in the series:

The Ground Rules #1 Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon CA
The Ground Rules : Rewritten #2 Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon CA

royaAbout Roya Carmen

Mom, writer, book junkie, doodle addict and hopeless romantic. I have been writing for over ten years, finding my passion for romance in 2008. When I’m not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, painting, and writing – there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my laptop and making up my own stories – and if those stories should include beautiful men, a little romance, and a few steamy scenes, all the better!

I write contemporary and erotic romance under the pen name Roya Carmen.

Author Links: Twitter  Web  Facebook  Amazon page Goodreads

The Ground Rules Rewritten by Roya Carmen


It’s day one of Roya Carmen’s blog tour and we’re stoked to be part of it! The Ground Rules Rewritten is out tomorrow and we have not only a review, but a sneak peek for your delectation!


Just Plain Dirty – Mirella and Gabe 
He catches me staring and shoots me a playful smile. He knows exactly what I’m thinking. I walk over to the bedroom door and lock it – which is basically code for ‘let’s fuck…very quietly’.
He turns off the TV and slides to the edge of the bed, pulling me to him. “Tell me you didn’t fuck him.”
“I didn’t. I wouldn’t do that to you.”
He slides a hand under my tweed skirt. “But you wanted to. You wanted him.”
I grab his face and stare into his beautiful eyes. Words escape me.
He toys with my panties and presses his fingers against the cotton. I close my eyes. I’m already so aroused, and he’s barely touched me.
He teases. His stare is intense as he studies me intently – as if he’s trying to break through, to read my thoughts. He pulls at my panties, not taking his gaze off my face. I anticipate his next move. I want him so badly.
“Take them off,” I practically beg.
His smile is playful when he obliges. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine as he slides the cotton briefs slowly down my legs and over my feet. He kisses my knee, a soft peck.
His warm hand travels up the inside of my thigh. My breath catches when he reaches my sweet spot. He glides his fingers against my sex and I whimper at the sensation. His touch is so amazing.
His eyes close. A whisper of a growl escapes his mouth. “You’re so fucking wet, you dirty girl.”


Review **Contains spoilers if you’ve not read book 1**

IMG_0047Book: The Ground Rules Re-written

Series: The Ground Rules trilogy, #2

Author: Roya Carmen

Review by: Onnica

Release date: October 20th

Basic story: After the disastrous break up between the Keates and the Hansons, Mirella has been piecing her life back together, slowly. She’s functioning once more and only thinks of Weston every other minute of the day. When he tries to re-establish contact however, she’s angry, confused, but tempted as hell.

He pursues her with the intensity only he is capable of and once Gabe reveals that he wouldn’t mind reviving their arrangement, Mirella soon finds it impossible to resist. One thing is for sure though – it’ll be on her terms this time.

Weston realises he can’t be without Mirella, but doesn’t want to upset the the status quo. Instead, he resolves they’ll stick to their rules and keep their feelings between themselves. He’ll soon learn that feelings can’t always be contained…

Why you should read it: Holy crap, this was a great sequel to The Ground Rules! Every word, every glance was loaded with heat and angst and I loved every second of it. Despite all of Mirella’s better instincts, she’s fallen under Weston’s spell once again. And it’s getting COMPLICATED! I loved the dynamic between her  with her husband Gabe and also with Weston. We get to know even more about all of the characters in this book. What makes them tick, their vulnerabilities too. I cannot rave about this book enough – I started re-reading it after finishing it!

What you might hate: Hell if I know – you may not like the route the story is going down – there are some questionable decisions made and some major ‘bending’ of the rules, but for me it just made the story more complex and more exciting. I usually hate drama, this story has plenty but it’s so well written and believable that I wanted more! I also usually dislike trilogies, but I’m so glad this saga won’t end just yet. I care about all of the characters and I honestly have no idea how it’s going to go down.

Rating: 5/5 – another stunning read by Roya Carmen. I cannot wait for the finish. Hopefully it’ll be this year that I’ll get closure on this story.

The Ground Rules Re-written is out October 20th.

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Romance writer, mom, book junkie. I have been writing for over ten years, finding my passion for romance in 2008. When I’m not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, painting, and writing – there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my laptop and making up my own stories – and if those stories should include beautiful men, a little romance, and a few steamy scenes, all the better!

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