Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

imageBook: Sex, Not Love

Author: Vi Keeland

Release date: 13 January 2018

Main characters: Natalia Rossi, unlucky in love and determined to steer clear of bad men. Hunter Delucia, friend-of-a-friend and determined to get under Nat’s skin.

Plot: Natalia Rossi hasn’t been very lucky in matters of the heart. She’s not 30 yet, but she’s divorced and looking after her adolescent step-daughter. She simply can’t afford to get her love life wrong again.

At her best friend’s wedding, she meets Hunter Delucia and he seems on a mission to give Nat a good time. She’s not having it. He’s completely her type: cocky, so so handsome and bad news. Nope, she’s not going there.
It’s quite a surprise then when she wakes up the morning after wondering how she ended up next to the delicious Mr Delucia – another case of bad judgement? She leaves a fake number and thinks she’s managed to outwit him. She clearly underestimated the lengths he’ll go to in his pursuit of her and neither one can foresee where the chase will lead them…

Why you should read it: This was such an enjoyable read! Vi Keeland just gets better and better! The premise, the characters, the crisis of the story – all great and it tugged at my heartstrings in places. The pair bantered like champs and the sexual chemistry was so so so hot, I can’t even tell you. I believed in both characters and understood why they were the way they were. They weren’t whiny and both had bonafide reasons for not wanting to launch into a relationship.

What you may not like: Hunter is crass and says what’s on his mind – for the most part. You’ll either love or hate his dirty mouth. He has depth though and I enjoyed learning more about him and his family.

Rating: 5/5 for a funny, sweet and oh-so sexy read. I devoured it!

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