Double Dose by Katie Allen

5E48D6ED-1797-49B5-92EE-6BF23A39139FBook: Double Dose

Series: Research and Desire #4

Author: Katie Allen

Release date: 1 October 2017

Main characters: Daphne Dahl,  speech therapist and unwitting captive. Aristotle and Benjy – her sexy captors.


Speech therapist Daphne’s neat, orderly life takes a turn for the dramatic when she’s kidnapped and spirited away to a hideout deep in the Colorado mountains. Her captors? Gorgeous men—all escaped from a secret laboratory designed to build perfect supersoldiers.

Trauma associated with his engineering left Benjy mute, and Ari thinks Daphne’s just the girl to help him recover. Held against her will, Daphne will be damned before she helps any of them—regardless of how electrifying she finds their touches.

But as Daphne’s hunger for Benjy and Ari grows, so does her empathy for the other soldiers hiding out at the lodge. With danger from her own past threatening to resurface and an overeager FBI agent sniffing around, she needs to free herself, her men and the others.

Why you should read it: There was fun dialogue aplenty, good pacing of the plot and plenty of action. No complaints there. It was also very hot – like off the charts hot. Who doesn’t love a good ménage story? Daphne was cool, calm and capable and didn’t take well to her new kidnapped status. Ari was a big brute with a soft centre. Benji was the strong silent type. I loved them all – their chemistry was palpable.

What you may not like: Ok – a few things. I know this series’ schtick is all about these hybrid men who take what they want, and don’t bother with niceties. I get it. But… In this book, Ari and Bengi are always picking Daphne up like she’s a child or a sack of potatoes! What’s that about? The first time was cute, but it became a running joke that wore a little thin by the end. As did the smacking her bum like neanderthals. It happened on every other page and I grew tired of the men doing the smacking and the women yipping and jumping out the way. Enough!

Rating: 3/5 for a fun romp – it was seriously hot and entertaining – I think you’ll enjoy it in the main, just a few things I could have lived without.

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