Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan


Book: Moonlight Over Manhattan

Series: With Love #6

Author: Sarah Morgan

Release date: 5 October 2017 (UK) 28 November 2017 (US)

Main characters: Harriet Knight, dog whisperer and super-shy heroine, sick of life as a wallflower. Ethan Black, emergency room doctor, who seems to have detached from life.

Plot: Harriet Knight has always been quiet, timid and afraid – and she has good reason. When her twin sister Fliss finally leaves home on her own romantic adventure, Harriet decides the time has come to face her fears. Every day she plans to do something that she either hasn’t done before or that scares her. She’s done letting her siblings make her life easier. That involves dating. She’s much more comfortable around the dogs she walks for a living and animals in general – humans? Not so much. Her first foray into being brave involves shinnying out of a window and landing up in the ER…and setting eyes on a very impressive Dr Black.

Dr Ethan Black is the consummate professional – he’s in control of his life and his emotions. Nothing phases him in the ER. It’s also true of his personal life until he agrees to keep his sister’s dog Madi for a couple of weeks. Nothing can prepare him for the mayhem that ensues. He enlists the help of Harriet, Madi’s dog walker and together they navigate their way through the responsibilities of being a pet owner. Sparks soon fly, confidences are built and soon, Ethan and Harriet are left wondering whether their attraction has legs or whether the heat will fizzle by the end of the holidays.

Why you should read it:  I have a love-hate relationship with this series – some of the heroines have been great, others have verged on martyrs and whiners. Harriet I knew would be different. She’s so grounded as a person and caring – but at the same time has a backbone of steel. I loved her straightforwardness and compassion for others. She was consistent and was quite a refreshing character. Ethan was reserved at first, then when he warmed up, became quite dry and cheeky! I loved him – their chemistry built slowly and it was perfectly paced.

What you may not like: Not much – I have ranted in the past at exasperating heroines, cold heroes, but those elements weren’t present in this book – it was a joy to read. I’m not a dog lover, but I’ll admit, it made me think twice!

Rating: 5/5 for a well-constructed, funny seasonal story.


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