Tell Me by Abigail Strom

coverBook: Tell Me

Series: Tell Me #1

Author: Abigail Strom

Release date: 1 October 2017

Main characters: Jane Finch, bookshop owner and daydreamer, Caleb Bryce, her sister’s business partner and friend.


Shy bookstore owner Jane Finch grew up hiding in the margins of her own life while her vibrant, adventure-loving sister, Samantha, dominated every plotline. She’s made peace with it, unlike Sam’s business partner, Caleb, who’s always nudging Jane to go after what she really wants. Why should she care what blunt, brash Caleb thinks? They’ve never had much in common, except for Sam.

After tragedy strikes, they don’t even have that.

Caleb can’t quite remember when Sam’s little sister stopped being like a surrogate sibling to him and became just…Jane. She’s the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, and so much sexier and stronger than she thinks. On the emotional journey to honor Sam’s memory, the spark they’ve tried to deny becomes an inferno. This journey was meant to be an ending, but will they discover an unexpected new beginning?

Why you should read it: This is my first Abigail Strom read and I don’t think it’ll be my last. It was funny, it was sad and then it was uplifting. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Jane and Caleb – their sparring and their genuine friendship made engaging reading. I also loved the references to Anne of Green Gables – which made me want to visit Prince Edward Island immediately! The pacing of the book was great – it didn’t feel rushed and it didn’t drag. It was a multi-faceted story and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What you may not enjoy: it was sweet and sexy and also intelligent – not a whole lot to hate on, so go for it! Caleb can be a bit in your face, but it’s not annoying really, and he soon does what’s necessary to win his woman!

Rating: 4/5 – a must read for fans of Anne Shirley, romance or L.M. Montgomery!


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