Drawn to Him – a collection

drawn to him ebook coverBook: Drawn to Him

Series: An anthology

Genre: A collection of alpha short stories

Authors: KL Krieg, Willow Winters, LJ Shen, K Webster, Isabella Starling, Jade West, A Zavarelli, M Never

Release date: 19 September 2017




There are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind. They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look. You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that.

Handsome, confident and all for you.

DRAWN TO HIM is a collection of eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas you can’t resist, complete with HEAs. They have all the book feels and angst you’ve been wanting.

Why you should read it: Well, do you like an alpha? An alpha who’s hellbent on having his lady at all costs? Well, this collection has 8 to choose from! Featuring the talents of Jade West, KL Kreig, Willow Winters and many more authors, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s something for everyone. Some stories I liked more than others – One Night, by KL Kreig, among one of my favourites. In this particular story, we have the heroine – Saine, still hung up on her ex, forced to endure attending his wedding to someone else. Her meeting with a mysterious stranger is the kind of comfort she didn’t know she needed. Spooked by their intense night together, she steals away in the middle of the night, sad to leave but resolved that she’ll never see him again. Oh how wrong she is…

What you may not like: As with many collections or anthologies, the quality differs per story – I think for some authors, it may be harder to develop the characters so quickly, (within 8 or 9 chapters) while keeping the action moving at a steady pace. Some stories were cute, some a bit odd – with an over the top hero being a bit ridiculous and others were satisfying quick reads. Some had a hard edge to them – a violence that I wasn’t particularly a fan of, and a bit porny if I’m honest. However – I do believe there’s something for everyone.

Rating: As One Night was my favourite, I’ll give it 4/5. For the collection as a whole, it’s more like 3/5.

Drawn to Him Collection is LIVE!

ONLY 99c/£0.99!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2y3k4Yt

iTunes: http://bit.ly/DrawntoHim

Nook: http://bit.ly/2uGZYVA

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2tELRLt

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