Spite Club by Julie Kriss

35108957Book: Spite Club

Author: Julie Kriss

Series: A standalone

Release date: 7th June 2017

Main characters: Evie Bates, heroine stuck in a rut, trying to be ‘respectable’. Nick Mason, the complete opposite, brash and honest to a fault.

Plot: The night Evie Bates receives a call telling her that her boyfriend Josh has been cheating on her – she doesn’t know how to react. She’s shocked, but can’t believe that the good guy Josh, whom she thought was so steady would be a cheater. The caller is the boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) of the woman Josh has been cheating with. And he is not happy.

Nick is surly, his pride is obviously hurt that his girlfriend cheated, and he’s bad news. Evie has been around enough Nicks in her time to know she should avoid this one at all costs. However, turnabout is fair play. The pair decide to put the rumour out there that they’ve started dating – just to mess with their exes. And it works…a litttle too well. Before long,  Evie’s questioning her life choices and whether being ‘respectable’ is really all that important and whether underneath all the smoke and mirrors, there could actually be anything real with Nick.

Why you should read it: This story was refreshing and so much fun! I loved Evie and her internal monologue. She was sweet, trying to do the ‘right thing’ and she suffered from many of the hangups other women do. These hangups didn’t hold her back though – she was brave. Nick was seriously hot. He was so straightforward and cheeky and rude – but it made a very entertaining character. He has depth too – it wasn’t all bravado and cockiness with him. His backstory was an interesting one that drew me in and I wanted to know more.

What you may not like: Not sure – I loved it! Short, sweet, sexy and funny. It had it all.

Rating: 5/5 – my first book by Julie Kriss – won’t be my last!

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