Siren by Jaimie Roberts

Book: Siren

Author: Jaimie Roberts

Series: a standalone

Main character: Scarlet – aka the Siren. Men fall at her feet, and she takes pleasure in destroying them…

I’m not a good person. In fact, I’m a real bitch. If the opportunity arises, I will take your husband, give him the best sex he’s ever had, and laugh behind your back once I’m done with him. I do not put on airs and graces. I just take what I want whenever I want it.
I am the abused who has become the abuser. I live for power because all power had been stripped from me for years. Now that I have it back, I feed off of it like it’s my primary sustenance, and I don’t care who I hurt in the process.

Every woman hates me, but do you know what? I don’t give a shit.

You won’t like me. I’m not here to be liked. You want to know my story? I won’t stop you from observing. Just know that once I’m done with you, no shower—no matter how scalding—will ever get me out from under your skin.

Warning: If you’re looking for pink, fluffy clouds, rainbows, and HEA’s, then this book is not for you. These pages contain flashback scenes of child abuse in all forms (physical, sexual, and emotional) as well as BDSM and other taboo themes.

Love does not live in this book. Only dark, twisted, and sick obsessions thrive here.

You. Have. Been. Warned!

Why you should read it: I’m not 100% sure you should! It’s completely messed up! It has some themes that may really unsettle and upset, so I would heed the warnings about this book, if themes of abuse etc. are not something you can handle. Because the author doesn’t hold back. At all! However… if you’re the kind of person who laughs in the face of warnings, well you’ll find something completely deranged yet absolutely compelling. The story is simple and is told in such an engaging way, that despite Scarlet’s path in life, you can’t help rooting for her. She’s an anti-heroine with a vendetta and I really kinda wanted her to succeed. Why is she out for revenge? Well, I can’t tell you that. Read the book. If you dare.

What you may not like: Covered it in the blurb and above – but to reiterate – this book isn’t romance and it isn’t fluffy. It’s freaky with a capital F. Think CJ Roberts and double it…(Although, even CJ gave her characters a happy ending!)

Rating: 4/5 for a daring, mind-altering read. It was brace, enthralling and definitely does not follow any traditional tropes!

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