Mini-review: Negotiating Her Release by Becca A. Miles

35058639.jpgBook: Negotiating Her Release

Author: Becca A. Miles

Main characters: Ashe MacAvoy, hostage negotiator, Chase Weber, detective who immediately falls head over heels for Ashe.


The last thing hostage negotiator Ashe MacAvoy expected was to need a rescue herself, but it’s a game-changer when Detective Chase Weber offers his protection—and his bed.


Ashe MacAvoy is Wilmington PD’s chief hostage negotiator. Using her infamous grace under fire, and the expertise of Detective Chase Weber, she frees a roomful of innocents from three armed captors. But the guy pulling the strings is still out there, and Ashe’s life is in danger. Chase wants to protect her. Can he also shield her from the broken heart at the end of this adrenaline-filled attraction?

Detective Chase Weber doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Well, not anymore. He’s learned his lesson and is happy with the world back on track. Enter Ashe MacAvoy, whose life he’s saved twice in less than twelve hours. Somehow he’s become her guardian angel—a role that’s giving him a devil of a time. She’s a pain in his ass…and a need in his heart. So maybe having the world upended isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Why you should read it: This is a gentle, romantic read with plenty of insta-love,  (if you enjoy that – and I know a lot of you do!) yet there is plenty of action to be had. There’s an abundance of chemistry between this pair and they don’t play games, leaving each other in the dark about their feelings. It’s a fairly quick read that you can easily make time for in-between those longer books.

What you may not like: I’m personally not a fan of insta-love or lust, I like a slow build. That said, at least the action was fast-paced and the story progressed quickly. I’m also not a huge fan of the virgin trope – the reason given was a bit odd too. (She never got around to it! – It doesn’t have to take that long, honey.) Also, Ashe does some cliché silly things that deliberately put her in danger, and I dislike characters who do that just so they can feel defiant or independent.

Rating: 3/5 for a sweet, quick read. This is Becca A. Miles’ first book and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her in the future.

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