Bombshell by CD Reiss

Cover of a man and woman with Hollywood in the distanceBook: Bombshell

Series: Hollywood A-list #1

Author: CD Reiss

Release date: 1st May 2017

Main characters: Cara DuMont, well-respected nanny, seemingly immune to Brad Sinclair’s charms. Brad Sinclair, Hollywood rake and new father.

Plot: Cara DuMont is a well-respected nanny in LA, and throughout her career she has somehow managed to avoid the unwanted advances of her male employers. She’s cool, calm and in control. No scandals have ever affected her and she aims to keep it that way.

Brad Sinclair has seen her in action and wants her to become his newfound daughter’s nanny. He won’t take no for an answer.

Despite her affinity with Brad’s little girl Nicole, Cara is reluctant to become a nanny for a celebrity household. She prefers to fly under the radar and Brad is just too tempting, too sure of himself – too everything.

The more time she spends with both Nicole and Brad however, the more her resolve begins to waiver. The child needs her as much as she needs Nicole. Her connection to Brad cannot be denied either. Life is complicated, but it wouldn’t be impossible, to have both a career and a relationship with an a-lister. Right? This is Hollywood remember, and nothing comes without a pricetag attached…

Why you should read it: If you love the whole celebrity and ordinary girl-next-door-type, then you might enjoy this story. Cara is a strong and sensible type – always doing the right thing and staying one step ahead of scandal. She’s seen what it’s done to others and as such, lives life by a strict set of rules. The arrival of Brad Sinclair is interesting as she’s forced to throw out the rule book. He doesn’t care about much, other than making himself happy and his new situation as a father is quite an adjustment. The author’s depiction of Nicole, an adorable five-year old was pitch perfect. I loved her and her facial expressions!

What you may not like: The story felt a bit disjointed in places and despite my initial excitement about the plot, it failed to deliver the passion and the building tension I was hoping for. The characters didn’t really develop very much – they were professional one minute, in love the next. Their developing relationship was sexy but swift and while the chemistry was there, it felt a little forced. Don’t get me wrong, there were parts to the story that I really enjoyed – namely Nicole, but for me something was definitely missing.

Rating: 3/5 for a promising plot but for such a popular trope, it failed to ignite and keep my interest.

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