The Mistakes by Elizabeth Brown

A man with a loosened tie looks at the cameraBook: The Mistakes

Series: Off-limits #3

Author: Elizabeth Brown

Release date: 4 April, 2017

Main characters: Winnie Masters, busy heroine with lots of responsibilities and no time for relationships. Mark Bishop, successful lawyer and Winnie’s latest mistake.

Plot: Winnie Masters has a lot on her plate: she’s a librarian by day, (although about to be fired) carer to her younger sister and a budding entrepreneur. She simply doesn’t have time for a full-time  man – she wouldn’t know what to do in a relationship, so she’s happy to hook up with guys as and when she feels like. When her friend Ainsley dares her to go on a sexual hiatus for two months, Winnie is appalled. Even more so when she gets talking to Mark Bishop at her friend’s wedding.

Mark is intrigued by Winnie. She’s spunky, funny and prone to jumping to conclusions. After their hook up, she disappears and he doesn’t expect to see her again. When fate (or more precisely, family) brings Winnie to his office as his new assistant,  Mark knows life is about to get interesting. And sexy. Definitely sexy!

Mark wants Winnie and Winnie wants to keep things casual and moreover, SECRET. That’s the the thing about secrets though isn’t it? They never stay secret for long…

Why you should read it: I love this series. The Lessons and The Rules were really enjoyable and so I was looking forward to Winnie’s story. The chemistry and the banter between Mark and Winnie was highly entertaining. The sexy times were toe curling (in a good way) and there were plenty of those to enjoy.

What you may not like: Winnie man. God she was hard to like. She starts off super in-your-face, then she behaves really ignorantly at the wedding, and it took several chapters for me to stop finding her completely annoying. She’s not a teenager, but the sheer amount of drama she was able to manufacture is astounding. At times I did feel for her, but most of the time I thought she was the one at fault. Zero emotional intelligence. Mark was a fun hero, sure of himself and sexy as sin. He’s a hard working lawyer who also happens to be a contractor in his spare time – the perfect specimen amirite? As the story progressed, he grew more and more sensitive and basically apologised a lot despite having done nothing wrong. It’s probably clear to you by now that I wasn’t exactly on team Winnie!

My final peeve was that some of the descriptions in the book were a bit sloppy and insensitive. For example:

“Deeply tan skin, like his heritage was mixed with something exotic.”

Why use the word exotic to describe a person? An orchid is exotic. A pawpaw may too be considered as such. People aren’t! If you’re describing someone who isn’t white then just say they have darker skin! It drives me nuts. ‘Mixed with something exotic’. Like what – rum?

Rating: ok rant over – I didn’t enjoy this story as much as the other two books. It was a bit clumsy, and featured a pretty immature heroine. So I give it 3/5. There were fun parts and bits that made me smile, but the language in some places really annoyed me.

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