At Attention by Annabeth Albert


Book: At Attention

Series: Out of Uniform #2

Author: Annabeth Albert

Release date: April 10, 2017

Main characters: LT Apollo Floros, Navy SEAL and grieving single father; Dylan, (Apollo’s friend’s younger brother) confident and in love with Apollo since forever.

Plot: Apollo Flores likes to be in control. A military man through and through, he likes everything to be as black-and-white as possible. With twin girls to raise and a demanding career, he needs some domestic help over the summer.

Apollo’s best friend’s brother Dylan needs a place to stay over the summer and he is qualified in early-years education and excellent with children. Appllo hasn’t seen Dylan in years and one thing is for certain: he’s all grown up!

Dylan has always harboured a crush on Apollo – he spent his adolescence mooning over him. Not much has changed – except that this time, Apollo has actually taken notice. Apollo’s heart might be unavailable at the moment, but maybe, just maybe, if he glimpses what they could have together, he’d change his mind…

Why you should read it: I loved this story – it was low on drama, but high on character development. The characters had depth and their own journeys and experiences to learn from. Apollo is in such pain – grieving for his former life with his husband. Now he is barely keeping things together for his girls. His despair was palpable in many ways and I understood his reluctance to put himself out there again. Dylan was a sweetie – he’s young, focused and incredibly mature. I like how he didn’t put up with Apollo’s nonsense!

What you may not like: No clue. It was well written, interesting and very smart. The dialogue was spot on and made me tear up as well as laugh out loud.

Rating: 5/5 for an engaging and absorbing read.

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