Quickie review: The Rules by Elizabeth Brown

the rulesBook: The Rules

Series: Off-limits #2

Author: Elizabeth Brown

Release date: February 2nd, 2016

Main characters: Ainsley Andrews, heroine who is living with bi-polar disorder and younger sister to Ryan (from The Lessons). ‘Lambo’ Christie, successful hotelier and best friend to Ryan – also he harbours a deep attraction to Ainsley.


When you’re a guy, the rules are simple. Live by the Bro Code:
Rule #1: Always have his back.
Rule #2: Don’t ever leave him stranded.
Rule #3: And never, ever, touch his sister.
Aw hell, two out of three ain’t bad.

Ainsley Andrews has tried everything to get over her issues with intimacy. EVERYTHING. But nothing seems to work. Now, twenty-four years old, it seems the only man that can get her motor running is her brother’s best friend. A strictly off-limits guy that stole her breath when she was just sixteen…

Why you should read it: This is the second book in the Off-limits series and it’s so good! I postponed reading it as we meet Ainsley in book one and she’d been through a whole lot. Why did I postpone reading this book? Because I thought it would be really heavy read. I was totally wrong! Don’t get me wrong, the book does deal with some pretty heavy issues, but the way it was handled was balanced and there is plenty of optimism and humour in these pages to leave you feeling good at the end. I loved the dynamic between Ainsley and Lam – the pair are drawn together and a mutual misunderstanding has them thinking that the other hates them. Their developing relationship built at a steady pace and it was pitched just right in my opinion – no insta-love and no race to the finish.

What you may not like: I don’t have personal experience of any of the issues in the book, so can’t comment on its realism. If you do, you may or may not like the depiction of sexual dyfunction or bi-polar disorder – I guess it’s a judgement call. I loved the inherently optimistic tone of the book, its sexiness and its entertaining narrative.

Rating: 4/5 for a fun and touching read. Love the characters and look forward to book 3! Out on 4 April.

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