Madly by Ruthie Knox

Cover image for Madly. A woman lies on a man's chest.Book: Madly

Series: New York #2

Author: Ruthie Knox

Release date: 14 March 2017

Main characters: Allie Fredericks, younger sister to May (from Truly), desperately trying to keep her family from falling apart. Winston Chamberlain, father to Beatrice, big brother to Nev (from About Last Night) and all at sea in New York.

Plot: Allie Fredericks is on a surveillance mission. Convinced her mother’s regular disappearances from home are due to infidelity, she sets out to confront her. Hopefully her mother will return to Wisconsin with her. In order for her stakeout to work, Allie commandeers the services of a customer in the bar.

When he walked into the bar, Winston had no idea that he would be drawn into a crazy situation with an even crazier woman. Used to an ordered life, all he was expecting was a quick drink. Instead he comes face to face with a firebrand from the mid-west.

 “Because you never know when the person you meet at a bar might turn out to be the most interesting thing to happen to you in all your life.”

A few drinks and a few deep conversations later, Winston determines to follow whatever this is between him and Allie to its conclusion. He’s never done anything just because it felt good – now seems like the perfect time to start. The pair don’t have a lot in common at first glance, but once they start sharing their innermost secrets, without lies, they find not only a mutual attraction, but possibly even a future together – but will they have the courage to see it through?

Why you should read it: It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Ruthie Knox and I for one have missed her! Madly is the next book in the New York series and focuses on May’s sister, Allie. She’s complicated, frustrating, well meaning and misunderstood. She’s a seriously interesting character who isn’t perfect, even by the end of the book. I wouldn’t want her to be. She learns a ton during the book and she’s entertaining as hell. Winston is hella different from his brief appearance in About Last Night. Four years later he’s seen the error of his ways and is looking for a way to change the rut that his life has become. Their chemistry was believable and their encounters had a truth about them that I enjoyed immensely.

What you may not like: I totally enjoyed this book, so it’s difficult to think of negatives. As I stated before, Allie isn’t perfect so sometimes she can be completely frustrating. She doesn’t always say what’s on her mind, making a bad situation worse. This is human nature. Winston doesn’t know how to relate to his daughter and as a result she runs all over him – again, this is human nature, especially in a post-divorce situation, so I totally bought it.

Rating: 4/5 for an original, entertaining, sensitively written and thought-provoking read. Good to have Ruthie back!

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