Hate Story by Nicole Williams

Book: Hate Story

Series: Standalone

Author: Nicole Williams

Release date: December 2016

Main characters: Nina Burton, self-sufficient heroine, in need of cash to keep her house. Max Sturm, German businessman, desperate for a green card.

Plot: Nina is very much alone in the world. With the recent death of her grandmother, and no parents to speak of, she learnt from an early age to stand on her own two feet. When she’s offered the chance to marry a complete stranger in exchange for a lot of money, she sees it as her only chance to keep the home she’s always known. She doesn’t want to fall for the illusion of love, so it seems like a win-win situation. 

For Maximilian Sturm, home is the United States. He doesn’t want to return to Europe, instead he wants to grow his business on US soil and become even more successful. He doesn’t want any complications – love nearly destroyed him once and he’s not going back down that road. A simple business transaction – a 3-year marriage until he gets his green card and then, they can separate. No messy issues; a clean break.

Why you should read it: This was a superb story. It had intrigue, it had angst and it had character development. Nina is a tough nut to crack – one you’ll either love or hate. She’s very protective of herself and surly to start off with, but it’s fun to see her change of attitude as the story progresses. The chemistry between she and Max is palpable. Max is in control, stone cold until he isn’t. I really enjoyed his evolution over the course of the book. He’s a hottie who is also smart and very human. I’m glad that the book had a dual POV so that I knew what the they were both feeling in depth.

What you may not enjoy: As I mentioned earlier, you’ll either love Nina or hate her. She has issues and at times, can’t see the wood for the trees. Stick with her – she has her reasons! Was it a little too angsty towards the end? Maybe, but it didn’t make me enjoy the book less. Far from it.

Rating: 4/5 for a truly entertaining read – I liked the characters, the premise and the ending left me smiling.

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