Flawed by Tracy Wolff

wolffBook: Flawed

Author: Tracy Wolff

Series: Ethan Frost novel #4

Release date: 17 January, 2017

Main characters: Tori Reed, heroine whose past life choices are about to bite her. Miles Girard – technology wunderkind (and Tori’s best friend’s brother) but a bit of a novice with human relationships.

Plot: Tori Reed is about to experience the worst month of her life. After having spurned the unwanted advances of an ex at a party, little does she realise that the same ex will hit back so savagely. Left battered and bruised (figuratively) and disowned by her family, Tori’s rock bottom is hurtling towards her. Left homeless and with very few possessions, she’s forced to seek refuge at her friends’ nearby home. A place where she can get her head on straight for a few days and regroup. She didn’t budget for her arch-nemesis Miles, being there…

Miles Girard knows Tori hates him – not surprising considering his role in his sister’s past troubles – but that was the past and try as he might to atone, Tori still seems to hate his mere existence. He’s determined to show her he’s not the enemy, if she’d just lower her armour for a second. When she shows up on his doorstep in a state, he knows something is up – and when he sees how vulnerable she really is, he’s resolved to be the one man that she can trust implicitly…

Why you should read it: This book has been a  long time coming, and as a standalone, it was less drama-filled than the Ethan Frost trilogy focusing on Ethan and Chloe. It has a very current feel to it and really did tackle a lot of the injustices currently reported in the media. Woolf writes passionately about society’s double standards and how women are shamed in myriad ways on a daily basis. It was a well-woven story about a young woman trying to navigate her way out of trouble and set her life back on track. I really enjoyed Tori and Miles’s dynamic – once they stopped lobbing verbal bombs at each other, their interactions were sweet, steamy and showed depth.

What you may not like: I usually enjoy a bit of character development in a story and usually for the heroine to get herself out of her own mess. This didn’t happen for very practical reasons – she was left with nothing, and only had very powerful friends to turn to. What else could she realistically have done? So, although not how I like my usual stories to turn out – it would have taken quite a bit of artistic licence for Tori to be her own white knight in this scenario!

Rating: 4/5 for an interesting, incredibly relevant and topical story about having your life turned upside down by a disgruntled ex and the way the world views men and women. Certainly worth taking a look. Flawed is out now.

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