School Ties by Tamsen Parker

school-tiesBook: School Ties

Author: Tamsen Parket

Genre: BDSM

Release date: 20th September, 2016

Main characters: Erin Brewster – troubled heroine and awkward maths teacher; Zach Shepherd, her student, later the dominant hero.


Erin Brewster is nervous enough on her first day of teaching at Hawthorn Hill. But the way Zach Shepherd looks at her with his dark and dreamy blue eyes really throws her off her game. He simply has to walk past her to send her heart racing. Although he’s eighteen and a senior, he’s still just a student—and very off limits. To let her eyes linger over his body, to fulfill her fantasies would be more than inappropriate. It would be career suicide.

Three years after his graduation from Hawthorn, Shep has returned as a member of the faculty—and he hasn’t forgotten his favorite teacher, the prettiest woman he’s ever seen. When they finally have a chance to get to know each other, they realize they share a common interest: kink. In fact, Shep has learned a lot about the subject during his time away and is ready to teach Erin a thing or two. He’ll soon have her begging to be held after class.

As their relationship comes under scrutiny, the ties that bind Shep and Erin may begin to fray. But some bonds grow stronger under pressure…

Why you should read it: I really enjoyed this narrative. It was written intelligently; the dialogue was realistic and well observed. I enjoyed the progression of Erin and Shep’s relationship from pupil/teacher and later as man and woman – equals. It dealt well with quite a few issues arising from dominant/submissive issues outside of the bedroom. Shep’s progress from young man to older man, who is more comfortable in his own skin, was very interesting. His openness and transparency was refreshing as you always knew where he stood.

What you may not like: I felt that Erin at times was a frightened little mouse – I understood why, but at times I wanted to shake her. She cried. A lot. Sometimes, I wanted her to react! She did when it counted however, so I can’t be too critical. I enjoyed the dynamic and nurturing relationship she had with Shep – it grew over the book at a good pace and I believed their love.

Rating: 4/5 for a smart, sweet story of accepting yourself and finding it in others.

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