Brutal Game by Cara McKenna

caraBook: Brutal Game

Series: Flynn and Laurel #2

Author: Cara McKenna

Release date: 22 November 2016

Main characters: Laurel, (heroine and yang to Flynn’s kinky yin) Michael Flynn (complex hero).



Nine months ago Laurel walked into an underground boxing gym and found herself mesmerized by a stranger named Flynn — a man who fights hard and loves harder. Since then he’s taken her places where fear and curiosity clash in exquisite pleasure, where trust is the price of ecstasy, and in time their brutal games have become her kink as much as his.

But when real life intrudes and hard decisions demand action, will these two whose bond is rooted in fantasy take shelter in each other’s arms, or discover that lust is no substitute for a lasting commitment?

Why you should read it: If you enjoyed Willing Victim, then you’ll love revisiting these characters. Nine months on, Laurel and Flynn are in love, getting more comfortable with each other, while dealing with Laurel’s depression and other everyday challenges. The dialogue was tight, I cared about these characters and their relationship. The big obstacle they face was so ‘real’ and so raw, that I felt for them both. Flynn is a big, burly guy with an all-consuming love for Laurel – I don’t think he ever thought he’d find someone he could be himself with, so he’s keen to preserve what they have. These characters have a lot going on, but at no point did I think that it was over the top or melodramatic. On the contrary. Cara McKenna presents their issues in a way that isn’t overly dramatised. She nailed it.

What you may not like: Well, if you’re familiar with this couple you’ll know that they have – in the words of Christian Grey – ‘singular tastes’. This may not be for you, in which case, maybe give it a miss. The scenes are well written, sinfully hot and the insights into each character really does help the reader understand what makes them tick. However, if books dealing with simulated non-consensual sex are likely to trigger something – AVOID.

Rating: 4/5 for a very satisfying story. I liked Flynn and Laurel and their love for each other. It’s not the most conventional of relationships, but their challenges are. How they dealt with those challenges made it a very worthwhile read.

Brutal Game is out tomorrow (22nd November).

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