Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

cover96201-mediumBook: Miracle on 5th Avenue

Series: From Manhattan with Love #3

Author: Sarah Morgan

Release date: 20 October, 2016

Main characters: Eva Jordan (heroine and eternal optimist, looking for love), Lucas Blade (jaded hero, embittered by love and all its complications).

Plot: Eva Jordan thought she was simply decorating an empty apartment for the holidays. Nothing she couldn’t handle. In fact, she loves everything about Christmas, so this is exactly the kind of job to take her mind off her own problems and grieving heart. The brief was to make it festive and welcoming for the owner when he returned as a surprise. Surprise being the operative word…

Author, Lucas Blade is used to being alone – that’s how he likes it and having lied to his family about his whereabouts, he intends to spend the festive period holed up in his penthouse, staring at his blank laptop screen. Writer’s block is a problem, and seemingly an insurmountable one until Eva comes bouncing into his apartment and his life. Not wanting her there he makes life difficult, but when a blizzard makes it pretty clear that she’s there to stay, Lucas relents. Doesn’t mean he has to like it though.

Eva’s sunny disposition is usually contagious, but she has her work cut out with Lucas Blade. Finally, something in her behaviour sparks his creative juices, and that’s when things really get interesting…

Why you should read it: This book was super fun! Eva managed to stay the cute side of quirky and given how ‘good’ she was, she didn’t step into Pollyanna territory, thankfully. I really liked her and her philosophy – she’s been having a tough time and that made me sympathise and identify with her a lot. Her patience was never-ending with regard to Lucas, who was a complete pain in the ass. His belligerence was frustrating at times, but made their relationship all the more entertaining.

What you may not like: There’s not a whole lot to dislike in this book – it’s gentle, poignant and super romantic. Eva is day to Lucas’s night and the evolution of their relationship is reassuringly familiar. It’s the perfect read to curl up with on a cold, cold day.

Rating: 4/5 for a sweet, seasonal read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s perfect for the season. I will happily read more of this series.


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