Beg For it by Megan Hart


Book: Beg For it

Author: Megan Hart

Release date: 14 June 2016

Main characters: Corinne Barton Levy, (heroine with a dominant streak) Reese Ebersole, hero and submissive in a former life).

Blurb: He’s gonna have to beg for it…
Corinne was young once. She did everything—girls, boys, drugs, toys—and did it in high funky fashion. Reese wasn’t her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. For a while they had something special, but it ended badly.

She’s a little older now. And the wealthy businessman who just bought the company she works for bears little resemblance to that boy. He’s commanding, domineering, and seems hell-bent on pushing her past her limits.

In a flash of anger, she falls back into their old pattern—and Reese falls right in with her. Before she knows it, she’s testing him. Then tasting him. But she can’t afford to get involved again. Her life is complicated enough without throwing in a slew of kink.

Now if only Reese would stop making her feel like the goddess she used to be…and showing her who’s been the boss all along. Then…and now.

Why you should read it: This is a delightful quick read. I love the whole domme-sub dynamic, as you so rarely read a book where the woman is in charge. This story had it all – which is what I expect from an experienced author like Megan Hart. Corinne and Reese are a couple with a past, and through a great narrative, you find out exactly how their relationship evolved and then deteriorated. I loved them and I loved this book. As women, we’re often taught to put everyone else first and ignore our own needs. I loved the fact that Corinne is in touch with her needs, despite putting them on the back burner for so long.

What you may not enjoy: I can’t imagine (and you know I like to play devil’s advocate when reviewing) – it was short, (read it in a few hours by the pool) satisfying and oh so sexy.

Rating: 5/5 for another accomplished read by Ms Hart. Let’s have more smart domme-sub books please!

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