Love Hacked by Penny Reid

lovehackedBook: Love Hacked

Series: Knitting in the City #3

Author: Penny Reid

Release date: March 2014

Main characters: Sandra Fielding, heroine and psychiatrist who wants to take care of everyone; Alexander Greene, troubled hero, sexy and super-secretive.)


Laughter is the best therapy for all ailments except bronchitis.


Plot: Dr Sandra Fielding is good at her job. So good in fact, that her dates of late have ended up crying (literally) on her shoulder instead of clamouring to take her home. She loves her job as a psychiatrist but can’t seem to turn off the shrink switch when it comes to potential romance.

To make matters worse, the hot waiter Alex is witness to her poor track record in the dating department. Every Friday night she ends up dining alone over butter chicken. He can’t figure Sandra out. Does she get a thrill from reducing all these men to tears? What’s her angle?

Sandra is attracted to Alex. He’s so…intense. And weird. And very very sexy, and when you haven’t been kissed in over 2 years, you notice these things. Some things in Sandra’s life need shaking up, and maybe the enigmatic Alex could be just what the good doctor needs…

Why you should read it: God I love this series – like, really love it. The heroines are smart, weird and engaging. The heroes are surly, complex and hot at hell. I loved the dynamic between Sandra and Alex. He’s the ‘younger’ man and a tough nut to crack. Sandra is patient, self-sufficient and very funny. They come from very different backgrounds which makes their story so interesting. This was a slow burn too – you’ll have to wait for those sexy times, but the wait is worth it!

What you might not like: I don’t honestly know – I guess if you’re not a fan of Penny Reid’s style of writing or innate quirkiness, this may not be at the top of your tbr list, but it has humour, heat, familiar fun characters and knitting!

Rating: 4/5 for a truly enjoyable read. Think I’ve read every book in the series so far and loved every one.

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