Blog tour – Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett

Book: Sugar Rush

Series: Sugar Daddy #2

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Release date: August 16th, 2016

**Contains slight spoilers if you haven’t read book 1, Sugar Daddy.**

Main characters: Sela Halstead, (the heroine) Beckett North (the hero) and Jonathon Townsend (the villain of the piece)

Plot: Sela is left reeling after her admission to Beck resulted in him calling her a liar and throwing her out of his life. Devastated and realising that she may have lost the best thing to ever happen to her, she returns home to regroup.
Beck can’t believe he was taken in by Sela’s lies and actually allowed himself to fall for her. Left in the silence of the apartment, Beck considers the possibility that Sela wasn’t lying. If she was telling the truth, how will he ever get her back?

Sela is still committed to getting justice for what happened to her 10 years ago and maybe, with Beck’s help they can bring JT down once and for all…

Why you should read it: If you read and loved Sugar Daddy, how could you not want to read on after that cliffhanger? Sela has been through a lot and is set to go through more before she’ll make peace with her past. With Beck, she’s finally experiencing some stability and a loving relationship she never thought she’d have.

What you may not like: Book one was a roller coaster and Sela was a force to be reckoned with. She was hellbent on revenge and focused on the goal. In Sugar Rush she’s less self-sufficient and makes a truly daft decision that could jeopardise everything. Being with Beck has dulled her murderous intentions, but it’s also made her more dependent on him. She’s a bit of a damsel in distress in this book and I’m not sure I liked the shift in her character. That said, we’re left on another cliffhanger at the end and I’m keen to see how she’ll get out of her predicament.

Rating: 3/5 for this continuing story. It lacked the intensity of Sugar Daddy, but left me dying to know how this will all end.

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