Release day blitz: The First Taste by Jessica Hawkins

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Book: The First Taste

Series: Slip of the Tongue #2

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Release date: August 4, 2016

Main characters: Andrew Beckwith (sexy, surly, single dad to Bell) and Amelia Van Ecken (Andrew’s sister’s boss and heroine of the story)

Plot: Andrew has been a single dad for the last four years, ever since his girlfriend took off without a backward glance. He loves being a father and has no interest in finding another woman to mess with his head or the life he has. If only the other mothers and teachers would stop trying to ingratiate themselves into his good books, life would be simpler. His sister Sadie is the only female presence in Bell’s life so she lacks nothing.

Amelia Van Ecken is stressed. In the process of a messy divorce, she uses her demanding business as a way to maintain focus. The more hours she puts in, the less time she has to stress about her husband Reggie trying to manipulate her further.

When Andrew and Amelia meet, they think they have the other sussed out. He’s the typical bad boy, tattooed and not what Amelia’s looking for. She’s the uptight, Manhattan princess he could do without. They have one thing in common though. They both want a night of passion – but nothing more than that. They both want to let off some steam, without the strings of complicated angst afterward. They’re perfect for each other. The night is all they hoped it would be – but can only one taste ever be enough?

“Let me make an appointment for you at my favorite barber tomorrow. If they know you’re with me, they’ll hook you up. You can even get a shave. It’ll look and feel amazing.” He takes my wrist and removes my hand from my face. In the dim light of the bathroom, dimples shadow his cheeks as he smiles. “I am not a prissy city girl,” he states. “Therefore, I will not be caught dead at a salon while I’m alive and conscious. Have you ever cut a piece of paper?”

I give him an incredulous look. “Of course.”

“Then you’re qualified to give me a trim. I cut Bell’s hair all the time.”

“That poor child. I think I’m going to be sick.” Laughing, he stands, pulling me up with him.

Why you should read this: Because it’s the perfect blend of sexy, funny and demonstrates some great storytelling. I loved every page of this book. Andrew was the right balance of straightforward maleness, but due to his own experiences and his maturity, he was also sensitive. He was comfortable enough in his own skin that he didn’t need to posture or go alpha all the time. He was very sweet and surprising as a character. I think it’s hard to write a male lead convincingly, but Jessica Hawkins nailed it!

Amelia is an interesting character and I was totally invested in her story and the development of her character. She’s strong because she has to be, but she’s not an automaton. She feels things but she’s doing the best she can to protect herself from further hurt. I loved these two – there was banter, flirtation and sexy times that really were hot!

What you may not like: I got nothing – this book is light on the angst, heavy on humour and sarcasm and I loved it! A tatted, smart hero and a tightly-wound heroine who isn’t so self-absorbed that she can’t relate to others. She’s also witty as hell.

Rating: 5/5 for a great read. It had it all in my opinion. A well-written child character too. (Normally, I hate kids in romance books as they’re too cutesy. Not a problem here!)

The First Taste is out 4th August. If you haven’t read Sadie’s story, check out Slip of the Tongue.




2 thoughts on “Release day blitz: The First Taste by Jessica Hawkins

  1. Ahh, this review! I can’t even! I’m so excited The First Taste was five-star status for you. I’m truly honored. Thanks for taking the time; as usual, I love reading your thoughts, Onni. ❤

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