To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne


Book: To Have and to Hold

Series: The Wedding Belles #1

Author: Lauren Layne

Release date: 26 July, 2016


Main characters: Brooke Baldwin (wedding planner extraordinaire) and Seth Tyler (brother  to the bride and curmudgeon)

Basic story: Brooke Baldwin has relocated to the Big Apple after suffering humiliation at the altar in California. For a successful wedding planner, having your fiancé arrested before he says I do isn’t a ringing endorsement for her business.

Despite her private and profession setbacks, Brooke has been welcomed into the Wedding Belles fold. Manhattan’s top wedding planning agency has taken her on and she feels as though her luck is about to change. She just needs to prove herself on her first assignment.

Enter Seth Tyler. Seth is CEO of the family business and is less than impressed when his sister Maya announces her engagement to a man she’s known less than six months. He’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. He knows something’s amiss. When he crosses paths with the wedding planner, things take an interesting and perturbing turn. He resents her perkiness and the reason he has to meet with her, but she’s certainly intriguing. If only he can keep his controlling ways and his tendency to be an ass in check…

Why you should read it: I am a huge fan of Lauren Layne as she writes the perfect balance of fun, sexy and touching in all her stories. Brooke and Seth’s relationship is a perfect storm of emotions. Dynamite from the start. Is Seth naturally an ass, or is he just protecting his heart? Is Brooke really ok with her past, or is she an expert in avoiding her more inconvenient feelings in favour of her optimistic veneer? All is revealed in the story and we get to meet some interesting peripheral characters whom you’ll meet in other books in the series. I’ll definitely be reading Heather and Alexis’s stories.

What you may not enjoy: Nada – this is a perfect, peppy romance read. Great for summer or a rainy day. The dialogue is on point and light on angst.

Rating: 4/5 for a fun, sweet and entertaining story. I loved Brooke and Seth and read it with a huge smile on my face.

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