Moonshot by Alessandra Torre


Book: Moonshot

Author: Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romance/suspense

Release date: 4 July 2016


Basic story: Ty Rollins was just 17 when she first laid eyes on Chase Stern. Having always admired him from afar, she never dreamed he’d actually play for her beloved Yankees.

As a ballgirl – and daughter of a baseball legend, Ty lives and breathes the sport. Her family is the Yankees, her home the stadium. Chase has a bad reputation and Ty’s father is determined to keep them apart.

Chase has made his fair share of mistakes. Mistakes that got him transferred clear across the country. He’s ready to realise his dream of playing for the Yankees and needs to stay clean and sober if he’s going to keep his spot on the new team. Meeting Ty throws all that up in the air. She’s beautiful, talented and sure to spell trouble for his new leaf. Convinced she’s the one, he wants to come clean to her father and the public, but Ty isn’t convinced her dad wouldn’t kill him.

The years pass and things take a sinister turn. Women start dying – and at first there seems to be no causal link, but that’s not the case. Is it a manic fan, or is there more to it? Ty and Chase are about to learn that their love comes at a cost…

Why you should read it: Calling all sports fans! This one’s for you. I know less than nothing about baseball, but the book is so descriptive, I felt as though I was in the dugout observing it all. It’s evocative and well written. The story has a strong narrative running through it and the passion between Ty and Chase is strong.

What you might struggle with: For me, the pacing of the book was slightly off – in the sense that the last half was rushed in some ways. The end was neatly (a little too neatly) wrapped up and some scenes could have been expanded on. I felt that so much time was spent setting the scene at the start, that the overall development of the story towards the end suffered. It’s an enjoyable read, but maybe not as interesting a read to a non-sports fan.

Rating: Because I love the author’s fearlessness and her ability to create original characters in new and interesting settings, I give it a solid 3/5. I liked the characters and was keen to get to the bottom of what happened.

Moonshot is out now!

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