The Empire State series by Louise Bay


Series: The Empire State series

Author: Louise Bay

Genre: Erotic romance

Basic plot: Anna Kirby is done with love and the constant disappointment of relationships with losers. The last one nearly got her seriously hurt. As she heads off for a week in New York with her best friend Leah, she’s determined to get her mojo back and forget about the opposite sex.

Fate (and Ethan Scott) seems to have different ideas about how Anna should spend her week in New York, however. Habitual playboy Ethan, is the leave-them-satisfied, yet-wanting-more, kind of guy. He spots Anna and is keen to spend an evening with her. When one evening turns into a lunch date, which leads to them spending a week together, Ethan keeps waiting to get her out of his system.

What I loved: The series deals with their relationship together and also on opposite sides of the Atlantic. I devoured all three books. They were sexy, funny and very touching. Neither character has a good track record with relationships, so watching them feel their way through the choppy waters of attraction, then love, was very engaging.

I loved their dynamic – there are PLENTY of sexy times in the book. Many, but at no point did I think it was too much, as the story moved along at a decent pace. I cared about them as a couple and I think you will too.

I now intend to devour EVERYTHING Louise Bay has ever written. She was recommended to me by my good friend Jessica Hawkins, and she never steers me wrong!

Take a chance on this series – book 1 is currently free.


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