When you’re feeling blue…

Hi, so lately I’ve felt a bit out of sorts and haven’t been posting much. I’m in a bit of a life funk at the moment (which I realise makes me very lucky as some people have REAL problems) and am contemplating lots of things – discontinuing the blog, among them. However, a couple of books this week really helped reignite my enthusiasm for blogging and I wanted to share them with you.

They’re both by the same author. Her name is A.M. Hartnett, a Canadian author – who is awesome.

 So what’s so great about them? (I hear you ask)

loose endsLoose Ends

This was a novella – deliciously short to enjoy in one sitting, yet with enough character development to feel empathy with the characters and also to root for them. Sophie is newly divorced, keen to get on with her life and move forward. Ben is her divorce lawyer, charged with the difficult task of getting Sophie to see him as anything more than a cocky player. I love when heroes have hidden depths, and Ben certainly does. This one truly hit the spot for me, and was just what I needed to combat the grumps.

All to Myself


Written under Annemarie Hartnett,http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-young-couple-holding-hands-beach-closeup-woman-wears-green-bikini-man-wears-light-blue-shorts-front-view-image31172710 All to Myself is a new-adult read. It’s no less sexy than her other books – it’s downright scorching. Rory (the heroine) and Noah are from the same small coastal town, but are from very different social circles. I love that this element wasn’t a barrier to their story – it was incidental. Rory is determined to live her life and get away from the small town she grew up in. I love their meet-cute – I loved how Noah saw into who Rory was and understood her. He didn’t mind read – he observed her. Rory is a tough cookie with a lot of pride.

This was a slightly longer read – it’s hot, steamy, made me emotional – which could be done to my aforementioned blues, but it was such an endearing tale, that I really wanted to share it with you.

Happy reading,


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