30 Nights by Christine d’Abo

30nightsBook: 30 Nights

Series: The 30 series (#2)

Author: Christine d’Abo

Review by: Onni

Release date:May 31, 2016




Baring your body is simple – but baring your soul might just change everything…The last thing Glenna O’Donald expected to stumble upon in a cemetery was a pack of index cards. And not just any cards – each one contains instructions for a seriously kinky, no-holds-barred sexual encounter. Glenna, an over-analytical research assistant by day, is suddenly tempted to conduct some nocturnal experiments of her own. Especially when gorgeous university professor Eric Morris offers to be her lab partner.

Soon Glenna begins meeting with Eric once a week to try out the suggestions that intrigue her most. In between those daring nights of sensual exploration are work days filled with laughter and flirting…until Glenna fears she’s getting in too deep. For all the pleasure she’s giving and receiving, Glenna wants more than skin-on-skin interaction – and Eric realizes he’s about to lose the intimate connection he didn’t know he needed. Can they find the courage to take this game to the next level?

Why you should read it: This really was an enjoyable read. Glenna finds the cards that were so prominent in 30 Days and her life starts to take an interesting turn. She’s clueless when it comes to her love life and even after getting the green light from Eric (he’s pretty clear in what he wants) she vacillates and procrastinates. She truly is hopeless at times. This made me warm to her rather than dislike her, as she’s the eternal teenager stuck in a grown up’s body. She finds cowardice easier than putting herself out there. Eric is quite an interesting character – her double in many ways. At first he’s stiff and a bit formal, but seeing him slowly come out of his shell was eye-opening. He’s full of passion and has been after Glenna for some time. He has his back story which I won’t ruin, but this book is a case of the blind leading the blind into love. Seeing Glenna finally take control of things is worth the wait!

What you may not enjoy: For me, Glenna was very mouselike in the beginning – to the point of inaction. You want want to shout at her for being so safe, I was desperate for her to go get her life! She’s so young but lives like a hermit. Did I enjoy it as much as 30 Days? No – because it was a newer premise and there was more of a valid reason for the main characters’ angst. Was I entertained by 30 Nights? Absolutely! It’s a sexy story, full of scenarios that will make you smile and leave you feeling hot and bothered.

Rating: 3/5 – for an engaging story and a few exasperating characters getting in the way of their own happiness.

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