Asking For it by Lilah Pace

afiBook: Asking for it

Author: Lilah Pace

Series: Asking for it #1

Review by: Onni

Release date: 2 June 2015


Basic story: Grad student Vivienne Charles is hardworking, pleasant, happy by all outward appearances, but beneath the veneer, she’s dealing with secret desires that make her ashamed. She fantasizes frequently about being taken by force. She can’t fully enjoy sex without conjuring elaborate scenarios in her head. None of her former partners have been able to give her what she needs and she can’t really blame them. Her tastes are singular and according to her therapist, not that uncommon. She doesn’t necessarily agree but there are underlying issues she’s not quite prepared to deal with.

When Jonas Marks, learns of her ‘kink’, he thinks he may be able to help her. He shares similar tendencies and although tempted, Vivienne isn’t sure she can go there with him. Can she put her trust in a perfect stranger – or will she end up causing more harm than good? No-one else would understand their arrangement, so maybe the rewards outweigh the risks…

Why you should read it: I didn’t know what to expect with this book. I have read some pretty messed up books that sought to titillate with pretty out there scenarios. This one was different: it’s subtle, it’s beautifully written and the story was intelligent. I enjoyed Vivienne’s journey. She’s trying to find a peace that allows her to indulge in her fantasies, while trying not to despise herself for it. Her struggle was one I empathised with – I had a vague idea of what must have happened in the past, but it was heart-wrenching to have those suspicions confirmed. Jonah is a pretty cool customer – it was particularly enjoyable to see his character develop. Both characters are complex and broken.

What you may not enjoy:  Not going to lie – this is some pretty heavy shit! The premise is clear from the outset – if this kind of thing makes you feel icky (totally understandable) then don’t go there. If this could possibly trigger anything – again, do not proceed. If you have no problem reading some pretty harrowing back stories, then it’s a well-crafted, intricate story that feel real and gave some good insights.

Rating: 5/5 for a truly accomplished read. Hard to digest at times but the characters are courageous and I want to see what happens in book two Begging For It. It’s well worth the cost of the ebook!

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