Hold Me Close by Megan Hart


Book: Hold Me Close

Author: Megan Hart

Release date: 24 November, 2015

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Effie has known Heath since she was a teenager. Forced to share a small space in a basement, the pair went through unspeakable things that years later, still haunt them.   Fifteen years on, Effie is still struggling to find normal. Heath loves Effie more than anything and Effie feels the same, but believes that neither can move on if they continue their love-hate relationship.

When Effie resolves to start dating other men, ever-patient Heath gives her space, while making it clear she’s all he’ll ever want. Despite her heart telling her one thing, her demons are still alive and kicking, making her desperate for a normal life for her and her child, Polly. Can Effie’s search for normality yield happiness, or is life, complete with its messiness, the best she can hope for?

Why you should read it: another fantastic read from Megan Hart – this book really tugged at my heart strings. Heath and Effie’s back story is pretty harrowing, but was handled excellently – and the way the story unfolded (through a series of flashbacks) measured the intensity, so it wasn’t too much to read in one go. Heath is a saint – his outlook is clear, despite the terrible things that happened in his youth. His love for Effie is constant and unwavering. Effie – the epitome of a challenging heroine, is complex and I felt a lot of sympathy for her as she’s trying so hard to work through her issues, but looking in all the wrong places. At no point did she exasperate me so much that I disliked her. You’ll root for her until the end. The story was so well-written and spot on.

What you might not like… The subject matter is pretty heavy – not going to lie. However, it is such a good story, I defy you not to finish it. My only problem with the story was the nickname for Polly – now I’m not sure whether gollywogs were a thing in the US like they were here in the UK, calling your child Pollwog as a term of endearment? That’s messed up. Shortening it to Wog? Even worse! (Maybe, this is due to my personal issues, but it did impair my enjoyment a tad.) However, dubious nicknames aside, this book is superb!

Rating: 4.5/5 near-flawless tale of loving what’s good for you and recognising it when it beats down your door. I can’t recommend this enough!

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