Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins

Slip of the Tongue Ebook Cover

Book: Slip of the Tongue

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Release date: 25th February, 2016

Review by: Onni

Basic story
: Sadie Hunt has everything. Great job, even better husband. Nathan would do anything for Sadie – has done since the day they met. Their marriage is picture perfect. They’re the envy of all their friends. So the day he stops noticing her shakes Sadie to her core. He’s stressed, his father is ill. There are reasons for his distance. But when he stops confiding in her and stops communicating altogether – Sadie is lost. Where is her Nathan and more importantly, will he come back?

When the days turn into weeks and the distance steadily grows, Sadie takes comfort in talking to her new neighbour Finn. He’s open, funny and makes it clear he’s open to more than just friendship. Feeling abandoned and alone, Sadie doesn’t know which way to turn. Is her marriage beyond repair and does her future lie with Finn?

Why you should read it: Ok, so if you know me you’ll know that I love Jess Hawkins. However, I still like to think that I can be impartial when writing my reviews (see past posts on the Cityscape series and Night Fever). When I picked up  Slip of the Tongue, I was in the mood to get my emotions churned up and for full pelt angst. This is a look at the breakdown of a relationship and its aftermath. There’s internal dialogue, there’s bad decisions and there’s plenty of soul-searching. I really enjoyed the ride and I think you’ll be kept guessing. Sadie is complex, some might say spoilt – but her journey throughout the book is very interesting. She believes everything in her world is perfect until literally one day, she wakes up and it’s not. She’s not passive – she really does do her best to confront the situation. But she also fears the potential consequences of pushing too hard. Nathan is an interesting character too – what EXACTLY is happening in his head?

What you might hate: Don’t like love triangles? Infidelity? Yeah, well maybe not the book for you. Personally, if it’s infidelity of the fictional variety, I have no problem reading it! I didn’t agree with Sadie every step of the way, but she’s not 100% to blame for the way things end up. I think you may come out of this questioning who to root for.

Rating: 4/5 for a stomach-churning, all-night-reading, heart-stopping rollercoaster of a book. I look forward to more from Jessica in the coming months!

Enjoy the book trailer – if you doesn’t put you in the mood for drama, nothing will!


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